Nagaarum (HU): “Covid Diaries” – Psychedelic, ambient, noise, metal

Without having any releases planned for the remainder of this year, NAGAARUM had entered a period of self-imposed reflection, channeling creativity into different areas – whilst constantly planning and scheming for what the future held for NAGAARUM.
This was abruptly ended with an enforced pandemic lockdown in March 2020, interfering with plans but simultaneously acting as a source of inspiration and creative overload.

Those who are familiar with NAGAARUM’s discography will know the album “Rabies Lyssa”, released in 2014, which foretold a story of a pandemic that would break out in 2019. As this prediction henceforth become reality, it felt natural to record a follow-up album, one that would complete the cycle of “Rabies Lyssa” as a fulfillment of that prophecy. What better opportunity than having a whole world of scientific and human crazed activity to use as real-life creative resource.
The resulting music manifested in the album “Covid Diaries”, this was recorded over a period of weeks. Tracks were released digitally, in conjunction with the worldwide progress of the disease, and supplemented with listener feedback being received. Both elements were important in creating each following track and ultimately guiding the album toward its denouement, a totally eclectic creative process which one might expect from a NAGAARUM album.
These recordings are now compiled and released as a whole – NGC Prod, again teaming up with Aesthetic Death (as they did on the 2018 album “Apples”), for a CD edition.

This is one of the finest NAGAARUM releases to date – six tracks of obscure, doomed sounds. A diverse and eclectic mix of ambient soundscapes, noisy segues, isolated doom and pained outbursts.
NAGAARUM was joined by reliable guest, Roland Szabó, who enhanced this record with his voice and his English translations. Whilst the entire process was overseen by loyal producer, Betty Varga.

If this is what a pandemic indirectly creates – then long live the lockdown.

Digisleeve CD released 31st July 2020


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