Saudi Arabian Duo Deathnoisefrequency Premiere EP Stream “Horrid Dirge” via NoCleanSinging

Saudia Arabian noise rock/metal duo Deathnoisefrequency has been relatively silent over the past few years, but for 2020, they have changed all of that by ushering an onslaught of noise on their debut EP “Horrid Dirge”.

The two-track EP is just the beginning of what the band has planned for listeners. “Horrid Dirge” is two chapters of a conceptual story, which the duo plan to release in full by the end of this year. Chapters 3 and 4 are just a sample of the brutal wall of sound that will crush everyone who hears it.

The duo comments: “We think it will be received very positively! In our opinion, we are bringing something different and new to the table. It is not what you hear every day, it’s a mix of things that every dark music listener would love to hear!”

Listen to the EP’s full stream via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

EP is due out July 17th, pre-order available at

Track Listing:
1. Chapter III The Mortician’s Lamenting Dirge (6:40)
2. Chapter IIII Horrid Choirs (5:51)
EP Length: 12:31

EP Credits:
• All songs performed by: Deathnoisefrequency
• All songs written by: Deathnoisefrequency
• Produced by: Deathnoisefrequency and Diya Azzony
• Mixed by: Victor Santura
• Mastered by: Victor Santura
• Album Artwork by: Justell Vonk

EP Band Line Up:
Ghassan Al Fudail- All Guitars, Feedbacks, Reverbs, Echoes
Ahmed Mahmoud: All Vocals and Lyrics
Session Musicians:
Diya Azzony: Keys, Recording, Effect, and Bass
Sarah Belle Reid – Additional Keys, Trumpet, and Noise Effects

For more info:


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