Onism Productions present the new album from mysterious atmospheric black metal/dungeon synth entity Lord Orots

In one night we can cross continents, wander through time, grow old, grow young, love, die, remember and forget. Broken hearts can mend or break again anew. Such is the world of dreams. So what wonders could be found in a dream that lasts ten thousand years? Surely we could see everything that has ever been and a million things that never were…and if that dream were part of a cycle that lasted for eternity? There would be no possibility that was unknown to us, nothing we had not experienced. This is the existence of Lord Orots who sleeps upon his throne for ten thousand years, guarded by the dragon Nefaxion, before awakening to survey his realm, Latzine. Then, with his duties discharged, he returns once more to his dreams for another hundred centuries…

With Conquering The Infinite Void, Lord Orots invites us into his dreams and we accompany him as he wanders an endless world of hope, promise, fear and danger. The visions of Lord Orot’s dreams are brought to stunning, vivid life through four epic tracks that entwine atmospheric black metal, immersive ambient textures and the cold illusions of dungeon synth. Harsher and more dynamic than the Latzineko Erresumaren Itzulera album, in which Lord Orots revealed to us the cursed world of Latzine, Conquering The Infinite Void expands the boundaries of this remarkable recording project. However the two albums remain inextricably linked, as on the fourth and final track of Conquering The Infinite Void, ‘The Lord Rises From His Throne’, Lord Orots returns to the waking world once more, with percussive echoes of Latzineko Erresumaren Itzulera. This is a grand, musical fantasy but one which creates an intimate connection with the character of Lord Orots, drawing the listener into the mysterious existence of this solitary figure.

Presented in the evocative artwork of Joan Llopis Doménech (Sojourner, Lustre, Ruadh), Conquering The Infinite Void possesses its own unique character that will delight existing fans of Lord Orots and his slumbers, while opening up this magical world to new listeners as well. Onism Productions will reveal the gateway to Lord Orots’ realm on August 7th and an unforgettable journey awaits.

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