AthanaTheos Premiere Full-Stream Of The New Album, Out Now Via Lavadome Productions

Epic French Death/Black/Thrash band AthanaTheos has revealed full–stream of the band’s sophomore epos “Prophetic Era (Or How Yahveh Became The One)“, released on June 29th via Lavadome productions. You can listen to the full album here:

“One Against All”
“Jerusalem (The Exile To Babylon)”
“(R)evolution, Revelation”
“You Shall Not Be”
“There Was No Soul, There Is Death, There Shall Never Be A Life Beyond (Soul Injected Part 3)”
The second album by AthanaTheos is a continuation of one atheistic journey and in-depth concept which has been ignited long time ago. See second page for detailed info. Musically AthanaTheos deliver a Death Metal record or rather an epos. Adjectives like “black”, “doom”, “epic”, “atmospheric”, “dissonant” and others may be added to tag the music well. The ten minute long opener “Samaria” will immediately display how diverse the elements AthanaTheos are using are and at the same time it shows the music is tightly bound to its firm base. “Prophetic Era” is a seemless record which doesn’t roam in space without intent because it is bound to its story and the characters and nations speaking through it. There are also Gregorian types of chants incorporated there; fully created by the band. All you need is to sit down, look at the cover art, read the lyrics along the music and follow the story and digest the grandness of the epos for yourself.


Samuel Girard—Extreme vocals and clean choirs, keyboards, FX
Aurélien Guerriau—Guitars
Nicolas Lebreton—Bass
Grégory Pein—Drums


LAVADOME productions:


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