New and second full length album from Italian band Constraint: “Tides of Entropy”

On March 23rd 2020 the new, and second, full length album from Italian band Constraint has been released, called ‘Tides Of Entropy‘.  This album has been released as an Independent Release.

This band  was founded on March 23rd 2011 as a symphonic metal cover band.  Nowdays this band from Italy plays symphonic metal (with classical and progressive influences) and they are fronted by a powerfull female voice offering a pretty impressive vocal range. The songs are from a very descent level and they are easy to sing along.
Their first release is the demo “Illusion of a Dream” (2012), followed by their first full-length “Enlightened by Darkness” in 2016. They have been performing in various venues and festivals, including: OFF, MO (April 2012), Red Lion Pub, MO (April 2012), Borderline, MO (February 2013 with Sleeping Romance) Alchemica, BO (February 2015 with Nightland), Dark Mysterious Fest, TO (April 2015 with Cadaveria and Whyzdom), Borderline, MO, (February 2016, Enlightened by Darkness release party with Revenience and Sailing to Nowhere), Wings of Bea, Almè, BG (May 2016), Vampyria, RE (May 2016), Milady Metal Fest MN (May 2017 with Cellar Darling and Kalidia), Straevil, BS (June 2017), MK Live Club, MO (June 2017), Isola Rock, VR (August 2017 with Kaledon), Busto Arsizio, VA (September 2017 with Nanowar of Steel), La Tenda, MO (May 2018), Vox, MO (November 2018 with Living Theory), Arci Tom (January 2019 with Arcana Opera), Condor (February 2020 with Kalidia).

After an important line-up change in 2018, Constraint released the single “The Big (B)End” in June 2019, then the second single “Golden Threads” and a cover of “Slave” by Leprous. They began a Kickstarter campaign for their second album, which has been successful. The self-produced album was released on 23.03.20 independently and distributed digitally via Sepulchral Silence. The new songs show a musical and stylistic maturity seasoned with progressive undertones.

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