Amherawdr (UK): “Adorned With the Figures of Snakes” – Atmospheric Black Metal on Onism Productions – Out Now

Amherawdr formed in Devon with the intention of writing heartfelt black metal music inspired by the bleak romance and mysticism of ancient Britain. A handful of songs known as The Hidden Valley sessions were composed that most likely will not see the light of day, but this creative period culminated in 2010 with the writing of ‘Adorned with the Figures of Snakes’, the definitive statement of that original potent intent. Recording of this album was almost completed the following year, but internal differences resulted in an amicable decline that left the band moribund. Winds change, seasons turn, dust gathers.

After a decade in the shadows, this sonic portrait of the heart of old Dumnonia is now given the release it so thoroughly deserves. ‘Adorned with the Figures of Snakes’ is available for pre-order on limited edition 6-panel digipack and through all digital channels now.

The band ‘as was’ is certainly dead and buried, but none can say whether Amherawdr may not one day give voice again.

Ri Orus performs Vocals and Baritone Guitar.
Diwrnach performs 7-String Guitar and Clean Vocals.
Wyrtgeorn performs Bass and Other Sounds.
Torr performs Drums.

Whilst it is difficult to draw direct comparisons, there are influences from the likes of Negura Bunget, early Borknagar, early Aeternus, Deathspell Omega and Primordial that fans of such bands may find appealing. Other inspirations may include Drudkh, Fen, Taake, Wolves In The Throne Room, early Blut Aus Nord

Pre-order the limited edition 6-panel digipack now:

Onism Productions:


Additional Credits:
Composition by Diwrnach.
Arrangement by Amherawdr collectively.
Recording by Daniel Couch.
Mixing by Torr and Wyrtgeorn.
Mastering by Robert Cotoros.
Artwork by Ri Orus.
Logo and Layout by Eleanor Winter.
Released by Onism Productions


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