Three new videos from Formicarius, Consecration and Kirkebrann
shining a light into the darker side of the Imperative PR roster

First we have a new playthrough video from Formicarius, featuring maestra of the keys, Morath and guitarist/vocalist Lord Saunders. Together they present a powerful rendition of ‘The Fourth Horseman’, a track taken from their latest album Rending The Veil Of Flesh.
Watch ‘The Fourth Horseman’ now at the Formicarius youtube channel:


Next we have another playthrough video, this time from the masters of misery, doom death lords Consecration. Here guitarist Liam Houseago performs the song ‘Echoes Of The Dead’ which featured on the band’s 2014 album Ephemerality.
Watch ‘Echoes Of The Dead’ now at the Consecration youtube channel:



And finally we bring you a brand new track from Kirkebrann. ‘Faux Pas’ is a slice of raging black metal, taken from the band’s upcoming split release with Black Altar, entitled Deus Inversus, that will be released on June 30th – on digipack CD and various vinyl formats – through Odium Records.
Watch ‘Faux Pas’ now at the Odium Records youtube channel:


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