WAZMO: “Insight” – Canadian Metalcore Band First Album OUT NOW

Wazmo is an independent metal band formed in 2019. Their sound contains influence from many different places, from the harmonious and uplifting choruses found in metalcore to the brutal chugs, and low growls of deathcore, band incorporate all elements of what interests them as musicians.
The band consists of four members, Alex Hamilton (guitar/lead vocals), James MacDonald (guitar/vocals), William Ballard (Bass/Vocals), and Johnathan “Alfie” Corkum (Drums).
Their first album «Insight» is available to stream on most music streaming platforms since 26th of June, and merch available made personally by the band on their website. Visit www.wazmoband.com for more info.


Insight was written entirely by Alex Hamilton, and was the initial starting point for Wazmo as a band. Inspiration for the album came from a variety of places, but speaks mostly about struggling with depression, and finding a way to push past the darkness and find happiness and success. Another big influence was the book “the Celestine prophecy” by James Redfield. Like the book the the song Shift speaks about noticing coincidences in your life, and seeing the greater meaning behind them.

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