Utilitarian: “Fight War, Not Wars. Destroy Power, Not People” – Extreme metal/hardcore punk fighting for society!

Profit or people…we have to decide what’s important to us.”
– ‘Profit Or People?’ – Utilitarian

The rich cry fake tears about the state of the world, setting the poor against each other, igniting violence and growing fat on the blood that pools in our streets. The innocent are imprisoned in cages of hierarchy that assign differing values to different lives – the most gentle trampled beneath the feet of those loudly proclaiming their own value and importance. Everywhere is noise, empty, valueless white noise, a bubbling sea of fermenting hate and self obsession…and behind it all our planet quietly dies. We need a voice with words of meaning to wake us from our sleepwalk to destruction; a voice to burst through the static and shout ‘enough!’ to shock us into silence and make us listen.

Utilitarian have the words that people need to hear, spoken with integrity and at a volume to silence the war machine. Their message of rebellion is blended with an incendiary cocktail of extreme metal, punk and hardcore forming a fiercely focussed explosion of riffs, rage and pure adrenalin. These songs could incite the dead to riot with their motivating power and thrilling intensity. Utilitarian invoke memories of the rampaging hardcore and crossover scenes of the mid to late ‘80s, but with an added contemporary savagery and a passion and belief that is all their own. With compelling lyrical themes and irresistible hooks these are songs that are made to make you move and think. We need bands like Utilitarian now more than ever because time is running out. We don’t have the luxury of leaving it to the next generation – it’s time to stand up and be counted.

Utilitarian practice what they preach – which means that every penny that comes in from sales of Fight War, Not Wars. Destroy Power, Not People. will be going to support the homeless charity Shelter. The only physical version of the album made available will be on recycled tapes, while the digital version will come with a downloadable booklet outlining the band’s lyrics, philosophies and values. This is music that matters, music with a message that needs to be heard – seize it with both hands and join Utilitarian in the fight for your future!

The Utilitarian Manifesto:
Use extreme music as a force for good
Make our shows welcoming and inclusive spaces
Value our community over our profits
Respect the planet

Jon Crowder – Vocals
Jon Addams – Bass
Andy Wears – Guitar/Drums

Further Information: www.facebook.com/utilitarianband/

“An incensed mix of thrash, hardcore and anarchic punk…” – MOSHVILLE TIMES



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