LARS ERIC MATTSSON: “See the Stars” – The song is included on “Hot and Able 1983-85”

See the Stars” was written and first recorded in 1983.
The song is included on Lars Eric Mattsson‘s new reissue “Hot and Able 1983-85
while the single version is slightly different from the album version.


The influences of Deep Purple, Rainbow etc are never far away while neoclassical and progressive influences add spice to some of the more straight ahead rock material on this release which arguably is Lars best sounding album to date.

These songs represent Lars’ first serious compositions made for and originally performed by his band at the time, ”Joe Cool” which originally featured a female singer, later a male one when the band started adaping a more straight ahead hard rock style. A few minor updates to the lyrics and music were made during the recording but mostly this is what they were like originally. Original drummer Olle Sjöstrand’s fine ideas have remained as an inspiration throughout the years. Some of the songs on Lars’ debut album ”Eternity” were take from this period though most of that album and the following ”No Surrender” were written very fast in the studio while making those album and it is quite likely that these songs are superior having been road tested and developed over time while Lars was sick of them at the time and preferred not to include them on his debut and the following album.  Lars recalls that going back to these songs was a decision made alrealy 6 years ago, but time did not permit this to happen sooner. So here they are, 30 years later!
The lyrics are not always to be taken too seriously while some of them had to be editied for this release. The song ”Takes One Fool” written in 1983 originally suggested that the world would go under in 1984, thus  84, 84 became Lay it Down, Lay it Down 🙂

Recording Details:
Lars played almost exclusively Fender Stratocasters through Marshall  and Soldano amplification with almost no pedals (just a phaser on a few rare spots) on this recording. The Bass was performed on an early 70-ies Rickenbacker and besides the Hammond organ there are very few keyboards on this album. The final  track “Out on My Own” was played on a fretless Bass Maniac bass and a no name acoustic nylon string. (Originally this was a piano ballad).

Lars Eric Mattsson – All vocals, guitars, bass.
Christer Jansson – Drums and percussion.
Alexander King – Hammond Organ.

LARS ERIC MATTSSON – HOT AND ABLE is available in all digital formats including 44.1 khz WAV download direct from 



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