Existential Emptiness (CL): “Nevereinding Pain – Everlasting Sorrow” – Death/Doom/Black Metal on Australis records

EXISTENTIAL EMPTINESS was formed in March 2018 as a way to express our most personal tastes without getting stuck in a particular style. In it, we find innately aspects of old school death metal, traditional doom metal, and we try to rescue the unique atmosphere of black metal. In EXISTENTIAL EMPTINESS, members of other bands that have been on the national circuit for a longer time and carry more experience, the bands are FUNERALIS, PULVERIZED and LUXCAELIS.
During 2018 we had a hermetic continuous creative process where we let everything flow, and which ended with a work called NEVERENDING PAIN – EVERLASTING SORROW.

Official Teaser album 2020


This consists of more than 35 minutes. A conceptual journey where the individual who goes through it goes through an existential crisis.

This is directly exposed in a single track. The material was mixed and materialized by Pedro Sazo (InTenebras / Siaskel). The cover art was in charge of Daniel Hermosilla (Nox Fragor Art), a work in oil on canvas. Our logo by Ángela Piraban (Colombian Artist, Coldnight). Works that enhance our mission.

Nicolas Robles | Vocals
Rodrigo Peralta | Guitars
Daniel Salgado | Guitars
Cristobal Zapata | bass
Claudio Anacona | Drums







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