A new explosion of visual violence from Basement Torture Killings! Harrowing new lyric video for ‘DIY Store Murder Kit’

With Basement Torture Killings bloody new album, Lessons In Murder, now available on all reputable digital platforms, the band have decided to unleash a new lyric video to assist the spread of their doctrine of dominance and destruction. The short, sharp and shocking attack of ‘DIY Store Murder Kit‘ is now available to view. In the band’s words, you can pick up tips on “how to construct your very own murder kit from goods readily available from the local DIY store”, or simply revel in savage sound of snuff grind at its best. The choice would depend on whether you are an ‘Armchair Psycho Or Pure Predator‘…


Whatever your perverted pleasure, dive into the red nightmare of ‘DIY Store Murder Kit’ right here and make sure you have your copy of Lessons In Murder to hand, or on order. You wouldn’t want to upset Beryl would you?

Lessons In Murder is available now from Bizarre Leprous Productions or direct from the killers themselves..

For more information on Basement Torture Killings:
Visit Basement Torture Killings on Facebook
Visit Bizarre Leprous Production




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