Gli Americani THE OUTLIERS firmano con WORMHOLEDEATH!

Wormholedeath USA è orgogliosa di dare il benvenuto nella propria famiglia al primo gruppo americano, i The Outliers.

Il quintetto di Grand Rapids (MI) ha firmato un contratto di distribuzione per il nuovo album “Dissipating Eternity”, che uscirà il 10 07 2020.

The band stated“We here in The Outliers camp are honored to announce our signing with Wormholedeath Records. Though our first step through the door was a bit rocky due to technical issues, our team along with ourselves are right on track. We are looking at a very bright future of our newfound relationship with Carlo and Natasa along with the rest of the Wormholedeath family and are extremely optimistic about what the future holds for the joining of our two parties. We hope to bring another missing piece to the WHD brand and are glad to be here along other WHD family bands such as OXIDIZE, LAMORI, The Way Of Purity and CHUGGER. We want to thank Carlo for having the trust in us along with seeing our vision we urge to bring any fan or supporter of our music. We would also like to extend another thank you to our publisher and promoter Nat. We cannot thank the both of you enough for the hard work you have put into preparing our new album “Dissipating Eternity” set to release worldwide on July 10th, 2020.
Cheers Eric, Zach, Brandon, Brad and Jerad

A. Corey (Label Manager Wormholedeath Usa) stated: We are absolutely proud to announce the first signing via the american office. After one year and half from its creation our office has finally contributed with its first contract. The Outliers are such a great band and we know that they will represent the quality of our releases perfectly. Check this band out with their worldwide release “Dissipating Eternity” and stay tuned because we are working to sign a few more killer american acts and these bands will be announced soon.

Cover e Tracklist


1. Dissipating Eternity
2. Payback
3. Carcass
4. In Pain I Go
5. World On Fire
6. VCTM feat. Jesse Sutton
7. Cletus Kasady
8. Curse
9. Stay Strong

“Carcass” Official Music Video


Line up:
Eric Wondergem
Brandon Wondergem
Brad Hayes
Zach Deabay
Jerad Walters



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