Visionatica: The Symphonic Metal band pays tribute to the Sinti and Roma murdered in Auschwitz

VISIONATICA: The Symphonic Metal band pays tribute to the Sinti and Roma murdered in Auschwitz
with their new musicvideo “To The Fallen Roma”

The German Female Fronted Symphonic Metal band VISIONATICA is back with their fourth music video and concerns itself with a serious part of German history. In “To The Fallen Roma” from the current album “Enigma Fire” vocalist Tamara Amedov pays tribute to the Sinti and Roma who died in Auschwitz, also to counteract prejudices against these two ethnic groups. VISIONATICA are supported by Tamara’s Macedonian relatives, who provide the song that certain something with folkloric chants. The music video, again produced in collaboration with Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art (Orden Ogan, Saxon, Nevaria) and accompanied by an intense band performance filmed by Grasser Production, illustrates the serious theme of the song with haunting and thought-provoking images from the concentration camps:


Tamara Amedov explains her reasons for this unusually serious music video with the following statement: «“To The Fallen Roma” is dedicated with deep compassion and from the bottom of my heart to the Sinti and Roma who died in Auschwitz. With this song we want to help to clear up false prejudices and contribute to international understanding. They were humans who were treated inhumanely and only because of their ethnic origin. I would just like to make a small contribution to redress this distorted picture.»

Enjoy VISIONATICA playing live at one of the following dates:
25.09.2020 DE-Wilhermsdorf, Zenngrund Metal
30.10.2020 DE-Obertraubling, Metal United Female Voice Fest
07.11.2020 DE-Koblenz, Metal Ship w/ Freedom Call
30.01.2021 DE-Würzburg, B-Hof w/ Nevaria
08.07.-10.07.2021 DE-Urbach, Field Invasion Festival

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