Progressive Metal LUFEH Paints A Dramatic Tapestry With Video “Find My Way”

Los Angeles based progressive metallers Lufeh (a band of both Brazilian and American musicians) recently released a new album “Luggage Falling Down” this past April and they couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the collaboration. Heavy, complex, and sophisticated, the tapestry of arrangements incorporates pop, progressive metal, and Brazilian music.

Drummer Lufeh Batera shares his outlook on the new path the band is taking: “For those who know my drumming, they are going to notice lots of elements that express my drumming style, but also, they are going to see a different, more mature musician, and with lots of Brazilian music influence, combining double bass, with swing and odd times.”

Hunkered down for two weeks in the Los Angeles area, the whole band stayed together to record the album, visit NAMM and check out live concerts. The eight tracks on the full length were custom-tailored for this release; each track was thought out as a collaborative masterpiece.

The first single from the album “Find My Way” has a video out, which clearly shows the passion and energy these musicians embody. Batera explains the picture being painted with this song:  “It is the dictionary definition of a cinematic, high-energy show opener. Close your eyes and listen to this song, and you’ll see the stage lights hit as the first guitar lick screams out when the band cues out of the “intro tape”. The song also features a metrically disorienting instrumental section and poetic lyrics about turning dreams into reality.”

“Find My Way” can be viewed on YouTube:

Melodic and aggressive, “Luggage Falling Down” is melodic, aggressive, and has a strong foundation in jazz, but with a metal edge. Recommended for fans of Rush, Dream Theater, and Incubus, the album is available for stream and download on Lufehband.bandcamp.comSpotifyApple Music.

Track Listing:
1. Find My Way (4:25)
2. The Unknown (3:36)
3. Doors (4:06)
4. Trial of Escapade (4:24)
5. My World (4:52)
6. End of The Road (4:05)
7. Escape (4:03)
8. The Edge (4:04)
Album Length: 33:39

Album Credits:
All songs performed by:
Gera Penna – Keys;
Duca Tambasco – Bass
Dennis Atlas – Vocals
Teo Dornellas – Guitar
Lufeh Batera – Drums
All songs lyrics written by: Josh Kim
Produced by: Gera Penna
Mixed by: Adair Daumfebach
Mastered by: Adair Daumfebach
Album Artwork by: Gera Penna

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Gera Penna – Keys;
Duca Tambasco – Bass
Dennis Atlas – Vocals
Teo Dornellas – Guitar
Lufeh Batera – Drums


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