NORTHWIND – History – No Remorse Records – Release date: 29.05.2020

Someone might say that NORTHWIND is the most legendary Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Greece. Their debut album “Northcomin‘” was the first of its kind in Greece, originally released in 1982, while the follow-up “Mythology” (1987) is one of the greatest albums that ever came out from Greece. At that point, NORTHWIND added many epic elements in their music and that album is recognized as one of the best albums ever released in Greece. A few years later in 1992, the band visited the United Kingdom and the famous Metropolis Studios to start recording the third album. Four tracks were recorded but those sessions were never released and NORTHWIND went on hiatus…
Years later, and after a few shows including a performance at Up the Hammers Festival and a supporting show with URIAH HEEP, the legendary band from Thessaloniki completed a new album under the name “History”… and the legacy continues.

“History” was recorded and produced at Papa’s Studio, the same studio “Mythology” was recorded 33 years ago, in order to keep the same vibe as a continuation of the ’80s spirit. For NORTHWIND, that continuation is very important and the band wanted to keep their original sound. The epic elements are present once more and you can even get a WARLORD vibe in songs like “King Alexander the Third” and “Marathon March”. While “Mythology” was based in ancient Greek myths, “History” explores historical figures and events of ancient Greece, with the recognizable sound of NORTHWIND, that is highly recommended for fans of URIAH HEEP, RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH.


1. The Wooden Walls  (6:03)
2. King Alexander the Third  (4:01)
3. Soldier’s Pay  (4:36)
4. My Dying Day  (5:41)
5. First Shot  (5:23)
6. Marathon March  (5:14)
7. Pyrrhos the Eagle  (5:21)
8. Aristodemus the Hero  (4:31)
9. Cry Free – Die Free  (7:01)
10. The Dog  (4:40)

Dimosthenis Dovas : Lead Vocals
Kostas Papadopoulos-Papadimitriou : Lead Guitar
Theodoros Doulamis : Bass Guitar, Vocals
Thanasis Tsimoudis : Drums, Percussion


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