The New Single of the Guitar Player ALEX GALLIENI is available now in all the platform


Killsound Productions
Alex Gallieni
New Single



The new single of the guitar player Alex Gallieni is available now in all the platforms, his solo project it’s amazing. Catharsis is a Greek word that refers to purification and is used in the psychology to explain the process of liberating negative emotions.

Alex Gallieni is a guitar player  born in Mexico City on January 4, 1989. His taste for the guitar comes for his father, was until he was 13 years he decided to take the same path. At 18 years of age, He was study at the Center for Artistic Education (CEDART) Luis Spota Savedra of INBA. At the age of 20, he studied at the school in Bellas Artes  of Tultepec.
He’s played in different bands how:  MALAYAMENG, ADIMENSIONAL, DRAGON CLASS, TRAKTOR MEXICO, among others.



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