Basement Torture Killings are back, with a new album of savage death metal on Bizarre Leprous Production- Lessons In Murder!

“A new terror born in death, a new superstition entering the unassailable fortress of forever. I am legend.” –  Richard Matheson, I Am Legend

Basement Torture Killings…with each passing year, each album released, they just seem to get sicker and sicker. There really is no cure for this kind of murder-obsessed lunacy. If 2017s There’s Something About Beryl pushed you to your limits, then prepare to be taken deeper into the darkness, to a place where the light is just a distant memory. When new album Lessons In Murder imparts its secrets, its eleven lessons in the arts of hunting and killing, maiming and mutilating, the only question will be, will you thrive in the impenetrable blackness, under the rain of blood…or will you die?

The Basement Torture Killings murder wagon began rattling along the highways and byways back in 2007, carving out a legend based on terrifying live shows, albums of sickening savagery and rumours of nefarious activities conducted in the shadows. Now they are ready to reveal their most musically accomplished and most unflinchingly brutal album to date. Lessons In Murder looks deep into your head, scraping at your cerebral cortex with its dirty, ragged nails. What draws you to the BTK dungeon, to their tableaus of terror? Are you fantasist or monster? Killer or prey? These new songs, ‘Exercising Your Dominance’, ‘Objectification’, ‘Resolving The Body Problem’ and more, will dissect you with clinical precision…and bludgeon you to a paste with uncontrolled rage if you’re found wanting. This is sick, grinding death metal of soul-shaking intensity that will have you double locking your doors and sleeping with the lights on.

Bizarre Leprous Production, like peddlers of disease, will be dispensing Lessons In Murder from street corners and through disreputable merchants of filth from 22nd May. If you have a taste for fear, an appetite for blood and a propensity for cruelty…join the queue. And keep one eye on the shadows for the tell-tale glint of blades, barbed wire and teeth.

Beryl – Horrific Goratory Of Perverse Verse
Tarquin – Hideous Sermon & Manipulator Of Ripped Sinews
K—–  Low End Bowel Rupture
The Faceless Killer – Beater Of Human Skins

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