The Great Sabatini Vocalist Launches GoFundMe To Save His Tattoo Shop During COVID Pandemic

The Great Sabatini‘s Sean Arsenian, who is a full-time tattoo artist and co-owner of Montreal shop DFA Tattoos, may be forced to close its doors after five years of operation due to the Canadian government’s oversight in COVID 19 pandemic support funds.

Arsenian’s business partner, one of three invested in DFA Tattoos, Melissa Valiquette says the collective of artists are unsure if they can pay the ongoing operating costs during their shut down. “DFA doesn’t qualify for the emergency funds made available to some small businesses, says Valiquette. “This keeps us all up at night. This is our livelihood.” 

Due to their business structure, current assistance measures by the government (federal and municipal) are unavailable to aid DFA Tattoos. Valiquette explains further, “All our artists essentially work for themselves so personal funding for our artists do not cover the operating costs for the business as a whole even if our doors are closed.” 

“Everyone’s been blindsided by the scope of the ramifications of COVID-19,” says Angus Byers, another co-owner. “Preparing for a total shutdown due to a pandemic was not really on the docket.” DFA Tattoos closed their doors even before the mandatory lockdown out of respect to their clientele. “Providing a safe, clean and comfortable space for our clients has always been our top priority.” Explained Byers. “So it was a no-brainer to close down when those priorities would be called into question.”

Arsenian and partners are now reaching out to the metal community that has supported his band The Great Sabatini along with the local Montreal community to help them stay afloat by launching a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign. Arsenian adds “We wish we didn’t have to ask for help, but we have no other lifeline at this point and desperately want to avoid an untimely end.” 

DFA Tattoos opened five years ago and is owned and operated by tattooers. The shop has expanded over the years, moving three times to larger spaces to accommodate more of the talented craftspeople that populate the collective.

“The bills are still due, despite the fact that we all need to stay home,” Arsenian adds. “If we can’t reach our $15,000 goal, then this beautiful thing we made together may simply go away and that would be devastating to us.” 

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DFA Tattoos is a professional tattoo shop located in downtown Montreal QC, Canada.


If you would like more information on this topic please contact Melissa Valiquette at dfatattoos[@]

DFA Tattoos co-owner and artist Sean Arsenian is the guitarist/vocalist for Montreal’s The Great Sabatini. The band has released four EPs and four full-length albums and logged seemingly endless tour dates around North America and Europe. The music is an aggressive mixture of noise rock, doom, hardcore, and metal wrapped up in a burly sludge aesthetic.

Album stream of latest release “Goodbye Audio” (No List RecordsAncient Temple RecordsNo Why RecordsPink Lemonade)- here.

Music Video – ‘Your Gonna Die’ (Unsatisfied) – here.

Music Video – ‘Life With Maggots’ here.

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