Artist Initiative Demonstrates That COVID Pandemic is “No Road to Ruin”

With the world in a current state of quarantine, lockdown and uncertainty due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, positivity for our global community seems to be in short supply. Everyone is looking for a way to cope. Social media platforms have become the norm for virtual interaction and connection as social distancing is in full effect. And in the wake of the virus’ strong hold on day to day activities as well as the global economy, music venues have closed, concerts cancelled and tours postponed possibly until 2021. But the soundtrack of our lives continues to play a group of musical artists have come together to write and record an all new, original song to bring both music and hope back to the forefront while raising some much needed awareness for and thanks to those who have been working countless hours to keep our world healthy and well.

The musical project, called Hear ‘n Now: Locked Down But Not Out – An Artist Initiative is being spearheaded by long time music promoter Keep it Metal Promotions and will feature the songNo Road to Ruin,” written by Corners of Sanctuary guitarist Mick Michaels.  Hear ‘n Now is the brainchild of internet radio DJ and The Keep it Metal Show host Billy Loney.

We just wanted to do our part,” Loney said earlier this week. “People need something to connect to…to take their minds off what’s going on. Music has that power.”

No Road to Ruin” will feature a number of guest artists performing on the track, all donating their time and talent, including:
Ross Thompson: vocals – 
Van Canto
Danny Gomez: vocals – 
Gothic Slam/Messonic
Brian Ozz: vocals – 
Blackened Earth
Patrick Kennison: guitars – 
Heaven Below/Lita Ford
Ed Mischke: guitars – 
Spiritual Sickness/ Veronica “The V” Freeman
Alex Olivetti: guitars – 
Mick Michaels: rhythm guitars/keyboard – 
Corners of Sanctuary
James Pera: bass guitar – 
Corners of Sanctuary
Mad T: drums – Corners of Sanctuary

Michaels will also be serving as the song’s producer in addition to post production being conducted by veteran L.A. producer and former Metal Blade Records exec, Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Armored Saint, Fates Warning).

We are so excited about this project,” Michaels said.Everyone has just been amazing…the level of talent is staggering and their willingness to be part of this is inspiring…I’m honored to be part of it!

No Road to Ruin” is slated to release in early May.  The song will be available as a free download and donations of choice are being requested.  All collected proceeds will benefit the The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) Global Recovery Fund in an effort to provide international relief funding.

It’s about making a difference,” Loney added. “We are all responsible for doing our part… this is our world too.

Check out Hear ‘n Now at:  Facebook:

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