Consecration | The Lockdown Interview:

Answers: Liam Houseago – guitar

So, how is ‘lockdown’ treating you? Are you still working? What’s your daily routine look like at the moment?
It’s been an unusual experience for us as a band. Some of us have been very lucky and work wise it really hasn’t affected our day to day workings with most of us working in I.T. or around a computer. Jorge is based at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital so there’s a worry there that he might be in the firing line of the virus. Most of us are hermits anyway so ‘lockdown’ is a normal part of life.

Are you able to keep up with individual practicing? What is your practice routine? Any tips for fellow isolated musicians?
Personally, I’ve been making sure to practise each week the new tracks we have written. I use an iPad with Positive Grid app running into my KRK Rokit 5 speakers, so I have a wide range of tones to mess around with.
Tips wise, I would say to make sure you have something compact to play out of and use some headphones. I’ve found that distancing myself from distractions and only hearing my guitar has helped me notice and add things to tracks and really digest the track I’m playing. Before, all I would do is crank my amp and all of us go hell for leather in the rehearsal room. It’s great at the time but when you listen back you soon realise your playing is totally different.

Has the band been forced to make any cancellations or changes to release schedules?
Luckily, we are in the process of writing for a new album so hopefully as I type this, we won’t have to cancel our studio time, but time will tell. We did have a gig booked for April but that’s out the window now, which is a shame as it was a local one with some superb Swedish death metal.

With gigs becoming a distant memory at the moment, what’s the best you can ever remember playing – and witnessing?
Playing wise with Consecration it would easily be either the first time we played with Godthrymm and I got to meet Hamish and Shaun. Both were part of some of my favourite albums and influences on me growing up listening to My Dying Bride, Solstice and Anathema. Leading from that show we then got to play Vallenfyre’s last ever show in London which is weird as I also saw their first ever UK show when they played Bolt fest so was a full circle thing for me.
Playing wise as well it would easily be Consecrations first trip outside of the UK playing Under the Doom Festival in Portugal alongside Daylight Dies. Dismantling Devotion being one of my favourite albums.
Gigs I’ve witnessed are far and many but when I was 17, I got to see Heaven and Hell play in Nottingham, and I was handed a pick by the guitar god himself Tony Iommi. I also saw Cathedral’s last show, Bolt Thrower a few times and as always, My Dying Bride.

What’s the latest news from the band? Anything that people should be checking out at the moment?
Music wise we always have our Band Camp page which includes various bundles and streams of all our older material. We have lyric videos on Youtube and live footage of us melting faces.

Have you been able to use this time to work on new material?
We have, I’ve been a busy boy and while ‘working’ in my office, my guitars have happened to float into my hands and enabled me to write some of the best riffs I’ve come up with in years. I know all bands say this when working on new material, but we all feel we have come up with some of our best work yet. I really do think it will open some new doors for us and might surprise people. Music wise, it’s certainly more direct and is an easier listen than Fragilium. Not taking anything away from our last release but our new material has been written in a totally different mindset and having Andy contribute with writing has made my life so much easier. This album will certainly show that we can play with the big boys on the Death/Doom scene.

What have you been reading and watching to keep yourselves sane?
I’ve started to use my Instagram account to blog, show my cd/Vinyl and metal shirt collection. Most of it I’ve had for years and with Streaming you kind of forget that you have all this great physical music at home. Isolation has certainly helped with allowing me to sit and just listen to music and I’ve discovered some great bands while watching Youtube bloggers and falling in love with collecting vinyl again.

What are you listening to at the moment? Your Top isolation albums?
1. Graceless – ‘Where Vultures Know Your Name’ – Awesome Death/Doom from Netherlands.
2. Solothus – ‘Realm Of Ash and Blood’ – Again awesome Death/Doom – Finland
3. Fulci – ‘Tropical Sun’ – Brutal Death metal from Italy. Really cool album concept too!
4. Temple of Void – ‘The World That Was’ – More death/doom. But from the States
5. Tyrant – ‘Hereafter’ American metal band from the 80’s with Robert Lowe now on vocals.

And what are your Top 10 albums of all time? The greats that have shaped you and never get old…
1. Solitude Aeturnus – ‘Beyond The Crimson Horizon’
2. Metallica – ‘And Justice For All’
3. Candlemass – ‘Tales Of Creation’
4. Morbid Angel ‘Domination’
5. King Diamond ‘Them’
6. My Dying Bride ‘A Line Of Deathless Kings’
7. Grand Supreme Blood Court ‘Bow Down Before The Blood Court’
8. Daylight Dies ‘Dismantling Devotion’
9. Black Sabbath ‘Dehumanizer’
10. Venom ‘Cast In Stone’

What’s the first thing you’ll be doing when lockdown ends?
I will most likely hit the gym as I miss the free weights, grab a McDonalds and then go out and make as much noise as possible with the Consecration lads.

What plans do you have for the band when you’re free to get working again?
Record our new album – with the studio we have chosen we are really looking forward to seeing what comes out. Dan is working on some artwork to follow up the brilliant work he did on ‘Fragilium’ and we want to sort a photo shoot out so people can see our guitar wizard Andy in all his glory.

A message for your fans, followers and friends at this difficult time…
Firstly, thank you for bothering to read this far and me rabbiting on… Isolation has set in.
Thanks to our fans who buy our music and support the underground metal scene. To our management crew who somehow push Consecration to be the outfit it is today as well as our record label Solitude Productions for giving us such a fine home with other great bands.
Lastly if anyone uses Instagram feel free to follow me: lhouseago1989. Isolation is boring as it is so why not talk metal with me and hopefully, I can find even more great music to listen to.



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