Edmonton’s OMNIARCH New Single ‘Ohm Cairn’ Off Upcoming Debut Album Out May 8th

Edmonton’s Omniarch are set to release their debut self-titled album on May 8, 2020. Melodic, technical and relentless, the Canadian act is refining the chaos of death metal and adding intricate technicalities.

The first single off the debut is Ohm Cairn’, a savage journey of 6-string delights and aggressive melodies. Omniarch has been toiling away on this album and is excited to show off their handiwork to local and international fans. The album is a vastly differing and unique journey through history, mythology, the imagination, and learning through introspection and reflection and the single tells the tale of the Omniarch, his rise to power and omnipotent rule.

They have cast their net wide and expect to entice fans across the metal spectrum, in their own words: “It is suitable for fans of aggressive, progressive and technical metal music, it is something new, but still within the realms of what we know and love. Our debut album is our full, headlining set, and plays great in the order of the album.”

Any fans of technical and progressive death metal will find comfort in the blasting sounds of Omniarch, especially those who like Revocation, Inferi, and The Black Dahlia Murder.

‘Ohm Cairn’ is streaming via its premiere on GhostCultMag HERE.

Track Listing:
1. Caligula (7:00)
2. A Voracious Awakening (3:57)
3. Humanaut (4:25)
4. Ohm Cairn (6:40)
5. Wrath of Erymanthos (4:06)
6. Pathfinder (3:55)
7. Ursa Major (7:39)
Album Length: 37:45

Album Band Line Up:
Morgan Lambert – Guitar
Mason Wilson – Guitar
Jon Hofmann – Bass
Mackenzie LaHaye – Vocals
Henry Giesbrecht – Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Morgan Lambert – Guitar
Mason Wilson – Guitar
Jon Hofmann – Bass
Mackenzie LaHaye vocals, Sean Higgins drums

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