Montreal’s [Evertrapped] Premiere Music Video “Sorrow (Nothing More In Between)” via MetalInjection

Metal Injection premiere’s [EVERTRAPPED]’s new music video Sorrow (Nothing More In Between)’, which comes from their new album “The Last Extinction” due out May 22, 2020.

Watch the video HERE.

A playthrough of  ‘Sorrow (Nothing More In Between)’ will take the listener through a variety of sub-genres, primarily melodic death metal, but with the occasional flourish of thrash and speed metal. The video accompanying the single is a great visual addition to see the band in action. The lyrical theme is about being on the receiving end (or lack thereof) of a connection between two people where one knows they aren’t giving enough yet persist. A situation that is relatable to all.

“The Last Extinction” is the fourth album from the Montreal, Canada melodic death metal band; it is a mix of the sound that was defined on “The Anomaly” (2012) and “Under The Deep” (2015). A blend of both straight to the throat heavy gutturals, rampaging metal and the softer, clean vocals and warm, melodic riffs, the band explains the progression in their own words:

“When it gets heavy, it gets really heavy but there are plenty of parts that open up and give way to clear vocals or a nice blend of gutturals and cleans and in some cases, some types of riffs that [Evertrapped] has never really experimented with before. Each song takes the listener on a quasi-progressive death metal adventure, but every now and then keeps coming back to simpler catchy riffs made for some hardcore headbanging.”

For fans of Arch Enemy, Persefone, and Whitechapel, [Evertrapped]’s new album will be available for stream and download on SpotifyBandcamp and Apple Music as of May 22nd.

Track Listing:
1. Sorrow (Nothing More In Between) (7:35)
2. Truth Behind Disorder (5:30)
3. Across The Disease (5:49)
4. Titan (5:52)
5. The First Machine (5:59)
6. The Last Extinction (6:10)
7. Illusion (7:08)
8. Stillborn Era (5:26)
9. Learning To Kill (7:52)
Album Length:  57:24

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