Pyrrhon: “Abscess Time” – New album coming 26th June via Willowtip Records

New York City experimental metal band Pyrrhon are back with their new weirder and more dissonant upcoming fourth album “Abscess Time” coming 26th June via Willowtip Records!

You can listen now to the first single “Another Day In Paradise”:

1. Abscess Time
2. Down At Liberty Ashes
3. Teuchnikskreis
4. The Lean Years
5. Another Day In Paradise
6. The Cost Of Living
7. Overwinding
8. Human Capital
9. Cornered Animal
10. Solastalgia
11. State Of Nature
12. Rat King Lifecycle

Pre-order via Willowtip ►
Pre-order via Bandcamp ►

Pyrrhon’s new album—which was engineered, mixed and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice)—looks at the constantly-fluctuating state of the world and process the anxiety and claustrophobia with dissonance, dizzying musicianship and deranged vocals. Get a taste for it with the aptly-titled “Another Day in Paradise,” which begins with a sample from Network before jumping right into the spastic track. “Another Day in Paradise” isn’t remotely close to easy listening, even by death metal standards, but it’s unique and undoubtedly Pyrrhon.

“One of the most odious aspects of modern life is the insistence that you always act like you’re insanely lucky and blessed to be doing what you’re doing, whether it’s a job or a creative pursuit,” singer Doug Moore says of the new song to Decibel. “Projecting optimism and gratitude is basically a social requirement in most situations, even though the vast majority of people don’t feel like that at all! Performing that sense of false cheer makes me feel like an evangelist for a religion I don’t actually believe in.”


Willowtip Records


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