Helion Prime Announce New Album Kickstarter, Reveal Artwork, Track Listing and Concept

Sacramento, CA’s power metal band Helion Prime announce a fundraising campaign for their highly anticipated third studio album “Question Everything” to follow “Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster” released in 2018 via AFM Records.
“Question Everything” will be the first album in the Helion Prime catalog to feature current vocalist Mary Zimmer (Voicehacks, ex-Luna Mortis). This announcement follows the release of a demo version of the song “The Final Theory”, which has appeared on Spotify’s “Heavy Queens” playlist.
Guitarist Jason Ashcraft comments: “I am so excited to finally announce this album. The concept is something I’ve been holding on to for a long time, and it’s great to finally see it come to life.”

The concept of the album shows each song focusing on a different scientist or figure throughout history. Though they went against the common beliefs of their time and often faced persecution for their ideas, they continued to ask questions and stand up for what they knew to be true. As time would go on, their theories and beliefs would eventually be acknowledged.
Check out the artwork and track listing below to get a glimpse at the new song titles and who each song is about.

Helion Prime – Question Everything – Track Listing:
01: The Final Theory – Albert Einstein
02: Madame Mercury – Katherine Johnson
03: Prof – Alan Turing
04: The Gadfly – Socrates
05: E Pur Si Muove – Galileo Galilei
06: Photo 51 – Rosalind Franklin
07: Words of the Abbot – Gregor Mendel
08: The Forbidden Zone – Dr. Cornelius
09: Question Everything
10: Chaulmoogra – Alice Ball
-Bonus Tracks-
11: Kong at the Gates/Forbidden Zone – Misfits Cover
12: The Final Theory – Demo
13: Alan – Demo

The band has also released the production staff for this coming record:
Michael Goodrich of Hypnotic Audio
Chris Collier of CMC21 Productions
Brett Caldas-Lima of Tower Studio
Simone  Mularoni of Domination Studio
Alex Nasla of Witherfall and Gear Gods Studio
Album Art: Marc Whisnant, with edits by Bo Bradshaw

Helion Prime is:
Jason Ashcraft – Guitar
Chad Bill Anderson – Guitar
Mary Zimmer – Vocals
Alex Bosson – Drums
Jeremy Steinhouse – Bass

Photographer  – Jason Sinn

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