LOST LEGACY: In The Name Of Freedom”. Streaming New Album!

New York power metallers LOST LEGACY will be releasing their new album “In The Name of Freedom” on Friday, March 20, 2020 via Pure Steel Records. Before it’s officially out, the band has teamed up with MetalInsider.net for the album’s exclusive full stream HERE.

The band comments: “For ‘In The Name of Freedom” the inspiration was driven by Dave’s desire to write about ‘the men and women’ of our armed forces and about the lack of judgment among many media outlets that report without having all the facts – and how it divides people.

‘In The Name of Freedom’ is dedicated to the men and women of our armed forces that have sacrificed everything to protect our freedoms. As a band we do not support war, but we are supportive of our troops and wanted to express our feelings about what they go through and the difficulties they face, from dealing with their own mortality and PTSD. It’s our way to honor them and say thanks. The album also has a song “Take Me Away” that relates to the way media outlets present news about shootings in our country and how before all the facts are known, they emit conclusions and judgments without knowing all the facts and how this has an effect on people by causing divide, riots, and misunderstandings. This album delivers a twin guitar assault that blends heavy melodic riffs, intellectual musicianship, and superb vocals.”

Featuring forty-six minutes of pure metal, LOST LEGACY‘s sophomore release is a concept album serving as an act II to their debut full length, which was inspired by the tragedy of 9/11.

The band explains: “The concept of ‘In The Name of Freedom’ is our way to thank our men and women of the armed forces for their sacrifice. It’s not about glorifying war, but these gallant people give so much and are often forgotten.”

The first single, ‘Front Line’, is a melodic track that has a heavy breakdown rhythm section prior to a soaring guitar solo. Dave Franco’s vocals are like a cannon and make this song a headbanger for everyone.

Watch the video for ‘Front Line’ here: https://youtu.be/u6ahwA2CZv0

The band’s second single ‘Take Me Away’ can be heard in the following links:

LOST LEGACY has been around since 1998 and their dedication to their craft shows. Having four excellent musicians and a vocalist that can play guitar and write riffs makes for a plethora of ideas. With Franco’s vocal capacity and range, it has transformed them to write music that enhances his vocal performances and gives the band the freedom to play intellectual metal.

LOST LEGACY discusses their expectations of the album: “We believe that this album is a genuine representation of how we sound in a live setting. We take great pride in putting on a great show and when we approached this record, we wanted to have a live band feeling. Our fans will be pleased with the songs, the sound, and the production. The music has catchy guitar-driven riffs and soaring vocals. We promise it will deliver great energy and inspiration to fans of classic power metal.”

Track Listing:
1. Rise To Glory (1:56)
2. My Faith (8:04)
3. Front Line (4:30)
4. In The Name of Freedom (8:10)
5. Take Me Away (5:28)
6. Enough Is Enough (5:16)
7. Will You Remember (6:13)
8. Rules of Engagement (6:09)
Album Length: 45:50


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