Argesk: “Realm Of Eternal Night” – Majestic English black metal on Clobber Records

On April 17th, in collaboration with Clobber Records, Realm Of Eternal Night will be unleashed and sent screaming across the skies like the wild hunt in full cry. The elemental force of Argesk will ride free with the war-torn standard of British black metal held high, its silver sigils of power gleaming in the night. Available on digi-pack CD, limited edition cassette and digitally, Realm Of Eternal Night celebrates tradition while forging a new path of darkness and fire. Be ready to ride!

Down ten thousand steps, seldom trod by man and carved into the rock many lifetimes ago. On through wandering passages that wind and turn in the impenetrable darkness until all sense of direction is lost; all but downwards…always downwards with your grasp on reality slipping away with every hesitant footstep, the point of possible return long since past. When your name is forgotten and your purpose lost the darkness seems to soften, morphing with your sanity into a silver grey light as the passage becomes a vault, a vast hall of stone beneath the world. This is the dwelling place of the deep, the ancient, the other, the realm of eternal night where awe and terror, majesty and fear blend in a glorious fusion of madness.

Combining exhilarating fury with an atmosphere of the most ancient of days, speeding through the howling darkness and a cascading rain of golden melody, Argesk return from the depths with that overwhelming elixir of reverence and horror bound in song. Riding upon the galloping drumming of Bob Kendrick, who served with Hecate Enthroned for over a decade, playing on lauded albums such as Redimus, Kings Of Chaos, Dark Requiems… and The Slaughter Of Innocence…, swathed in the cold mist of Leth’s keyboards, driven past madness by the howling vocals and icy riffs of Matt IH and bolstered by the underlying power of Dillon’s bass, Argesk are a new force in British black metal, built upon its revered foundations. Formed in late 2017, bound together by oath and ritual, Argesk have earned their scars of passage performing alongside a plethora of extreme talent, from Enthroned and Schammasch to Akercocke and Ghost Bath, The Monolith Deathcult to Mercyless and Mol. And now they are ready…ready to present Realm Of Eternal Night, their staggering debut album of uplifting might and soul-freezing terror.

Matt IH – Guitar and Lead Vocals
Dillon – Bass
Leth – Keyboards
Bob Kendrick – Drums

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“…overflowing with rawness and enthusiasm…” – AVE NOCTUM




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