Colpocleisis descent into depravity continues! Watch the second part of their Elegant Degradation Video Trilogy

Enjoy ‘Masturbational Burnout’ and prepare yourselves for the final part of the descent on April 2nd…

On February 2nd the journey began with ‘Third Degree Gurns‘ and now, on March 2nd, we venture deeper into the filth with ‘Masturbational Burnout‘.
You can experience this insane assault on good taste and decency at Slam Worlwide now!


Colpocleisis have just returned from playing a devastating set at the Coyote Brutal Fest in Moscow with the likes of Scordatura and Gutted.
They are now preparing for their appearance at Southwest Heavyfest on May 3rd with CrepitationDesert StormAgrona and many more.

Today though it’s all about taking that next step down into hell, with ‘Masturbational Burnout’!
Head to Slam Worldwide now for your dose of what Metal Injection has called “first class brutality”

Listen to the horror on Spotify
Buy into the sickness at the Colpocleisis Bandcamp page
Visit Colpocleisis on Facebook



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