MONUMENTUM DAMNATI: “In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King” will be released on March 30th via Satanath Records’ label-partner GrimmDistribution

MONUMENTUM DAMNATI is an international Melodic Doom/Death and Dark Metal project whose leaders are based in Eastern Europe. The band finally took shape in 2018, although the material for their debut album “In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King” was composed over several years.

Co-release GrimmDistribution with The End Of Time Records and More Hate Productions: new album “In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King” is out on March 30th, 2020!

Under the influence of various experiments and horror-atmosphere 9 compositions with the most different mood and degree of melody focus around Melodic Doom/Death and Dark Metal with orchestrations.
The grotesque masks that hide the participants’ faces as well as pseudonyms instead of names help to evaluate the band’s music more impartially, without paying attention to the existing well-known projects of the participants. Without being tied to a particular genre, experienced musicians embody in each composition of the debut album a unique dark story with occult content.
The idea of creating a group was born under unusual circumstances. Fate brought Abhoth и Thanatos to the walls of a psychiatric clinic, where the musicians got acquainted, found much in common in their vision of the structure of the world and art, mainly music. They decided to create a conceptual anonymous project, revealing the gloomy side of human nature.

Thus, having returned to the society and having assembled a team of professional experienced musicians, they recorded an album in 2019, the mixing and mastering of which was made by Filippos Koliopanos (Ocean Of Grief, Greece). The booklet was designed by a modern artist / designer from Belarus Olga Kann. The vocalist of the Minsk death / doom project Beyond the Darkness Mikhail Stefanovich was also invited to cooperate, as well as some other musicians, who wish to remain anonymous.

Fans of Crematory, Trail Of Tears, Ajattara, The Vision Bleak, Dark the Suns, Morgul, Enshine and similar bands are recommended to listen to. On the other side of the tomb of the forgotten king there are apocalyptic visions, endless ice deserts, faces of mad killers and incomprehensible forms of the Great Ancients of Days… Are you ready to cross the point of no return?

Abhoth – music, lyrics, bass
Thanatos – vocals
Shoggoth – guitars
Rapsidis – guitars
Athame – keyboards
Nyarlathotep – drums

Track-list «In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King»:
01. The Shining
02. My Bloody JJ
03. There’s No Place For Life
04. Anabiosis
05. In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King 06. Infernal Sun
07. Falling Snow
08. Sleepless Anger
09. Exorcist






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