Tartarus Records Latest News: Nihill Woestenij LP out now – Walkmans and more…

After countless setbacks and delays the Nihill Woestenij LP is finally out now.
All pre-orders have been shipped.
Thank you for your patience.
Richard & Gerald // Tartarus

Nihill Woestenij

Last April our dear friend and vocalist of Nihill and DDCHDRN Michiel Eikenaar sadly passed away after fighting a long battle against cancer. “A commanding frontman and fantastic lyricist, a great visual artist, but above all, a big friendly loveable guy. Death comes for all of us. It comes for the strongest, the brightest and the most loved, and Michiel was all of those things and much more.” – Vince/Nihill
Michiel made an everlasting impression on Tartarus by not only making the Woestenij EP by Nihill being the labels’ first release: but also designing the first logos, and thus creating with it its visual identity which has propelled the label into a world we could never dream of. Michiel and Tartarus will always have a special bond; Now and forever.

Tartarus is honored to reissue the Woestenij EP, which was previously only released on cassette, as a onetime vinyl pressing of this essential Dutch black metal release, and to pay tribute to our lost brother.

Known for their crushing trilogy on Monumentum / Hydra Head Records, Nihill return with “Woestenij”. The waste land these exclusive tracks linger on are framed in “Fantoom” and “Eidolon”, those that dwell between the worlds, and so this tape dwells amongst the ruins the trilogy left behind. “Fantoom” touches upon the words of old, the chants of the forgotten and revered, the slow, dragging rhythms drag the lonely, eerie, guitar line through the voids of lost realms and discarded images. “Eidolon” is a goodbye, a farewell to father and self, the quavering screams of the crowd can be heard in the chaotic squeals and distortion surrounding the looming threat of the gallow’s fall. This tape is a farewell, a haunting, a promise. -Johan van Hattum

Pressing info:
300 copies on 180gr black vinyl
Screenprinted B-side
Insert sheet
Logo patch
Digital download

Shipping now


ICYMI: 6 new releases

Right before the end of the year we put out 6 new tapes:
All You Know Is Hell – Gape
Amenra – The Cradle: Demos (sold out)
Onhou – Endling
Piggy Black Cross – Always Just Out of R.E.A.C.H
Skemer – Benevolence
Yin-Yin – The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers

Listen/Order here



“Hey you guys should sell walkmans, huhuhu”

Well alright smartass, here you go!
Last year me and Gerald bought a huge lot of walkmans dating back from 1990(!) off a friendly retired couple from the carnival and also proud owners of the renowned ride Crazy Wave.
These are working and cheap.
While supplies last.

Buy here

Still hot: Tartarus Fanny Packs!

As requested, here they are: Tartarus fanny packs! Or Garypaxxx how we like to call them, since this was Gerald’s (aka lil G-spot) idea.

These extremely practical and highly fashionable fanny packs are ideal for stashing your valuables, walkman, tapes, keys, drugs etc.

Material: Oxford
Dimensions: 36*14cm
Front & back pouch with zipper 

Order here


Shipping rates lowered for cassettes

We’ve lowered the rates again for multiple items worldwide. For example: you can now order up to 9 tapes within Europe (most countries) for only 6,95. Tracking included. This only applies at shop.tartarusrecords.com

Running low:
Primitive Man – Steel Casket
Cocaine Piss – Passionate and Tragic
Atomic Trip  Strike #2
Verwoed – De Val
Bell Witch – Demo 2011
Ûngrûn – Demo 2019

Upcoming releases:
Brutus / Mizmor / Filmmaker and more…



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