Powersquad new single release and album announcement – Massive Sound Recordings

Ukrainian Symphonic Power Metallers POWERSQUAD
released a new single; new album announced!

The fourth Powersquad album planning to release in mid 2020, so stay tuned for updates!

“Oxoxo! Our upcoming opus “Mysterizer” in the progress, but before the next album, we decided to present you cover version for the one latest songs from Sonata Arctica – “Cold” from their latest release Talviyö! But we mixed it with the sound of Ecliptica, their first album. I think everybody agrees with the fact, that Sonata Arctica releasing weak albums last few years. So, this is what SA fans deserve.

Also, this is an announcement of a new Powersquad singer – Vitalii Popfalushi! He did a monstrous job on the album, I am really happy to work with this guy! We sang this song together, but he did all the vocals on the next Powersquad album, giving me more freedom to explore new virtuosisms at guitar playing. Bass guitar also tracked by Vitalii – he also playing bass in a band called Toni Lucifer.



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