Onhou: “Endling” (NL Doom/Sludge) – Watch New music video of “Dire” – Tartarus Records

Onhou is a Dutch sludge/doom metal band formed in Groningen, consisting of (ex)members from Ortega, Grinding Halt and Wolvon. The four piece scrutinizes dark territories, devising an immense sound utilizing two vocalists, down-tuned guitars and pulsating electronic elements. These bleak atmospheres serve to shape a dismal and forsaken uneasiness.
After a well received EP released by Tartarus Records in 2018, Onhou returned to the studio to record their first full-length titled Endling.

Video for their new track Dire, taken from the upcoming debut album ‘Endling’.

The band explains: “Dire tells the story of demise hidden behind false gods and meaningless worship. In the end, only death awaits…. “

Releasing their first full-length Endling, Onhou is expanding on the hopelessness of their arduous sound, fighting against the inevitable. Endling will find you dragged into discomfort with Onhou’s bulking riffs, dark electronics and thundering rhythms. One can try to find reason or refuge, wagin a war with all of your might while it burns the heart out of you. But one will only find loss, without a trace of existence. There is no legacy. There will be no judgment. This is Endling.

Endling is a co-release with Lay Bare Recordings (LP) and Tartarus Records(Cassette/digital)

Pressing info;
100 White vinyl
150 black vinyl
100 cassettes housed in a cardstock diecut sleeve with printed burlap bag





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