Edmonton’s SLEEPWRAITH Streaming Album “Day Terrors” via MetalInsider

The intrepid duo of Edmonton’s Sleepwraith are releasing their debut album “Day Terrors” this Friday, January 17, 2020. Before it officially drops, the band has teamed up with MetalInsider.net for the exclusive premiere of the full length’s stream HERE.

This is the first album from Sleepwarith in what is expected to be a series of releases under the name. The songs and overall flow of the album feel like a journey that takes an emotional toll on the listener, with dynamic parts and unexpected turns. To Sleepwraith it’s important to create music with levels of intricacy that you might not notice on the first listen. Sleepwraith explains their motivation behind writing the album: “We created an album with little thought as to how it would be received, instead of focusing on making an album that we would want to hear. We’ve always felt that making art with this starting point has created some of the most genuine music out there. Hopefully, our fans enjoy music for the same reasons we do and enjoy this album as much as we do.”

Album download and CD copy of “Day Terrors” will be available on Sleepwraith.com as of January 17, 2020.

Track Listing:
1. The Aphelion Complex (6:16)
2. Transorbital Decay (4:08)
3. Anamnesis (7:19)
4. Burial Plot (4:26)
5. Biomite (4:36)
6. Sol (5:09)
7. Carnival Dread (5:19)
8. A Demon’s Pawn and The Abyss (4:54)
9. The Vile, Raptured (1:58)
10. The Vile Raptured (4:49)
11. Dystory (6:04)
Album Length: 55:04

Sleepwraith comes from Edmonton, Canada and the project has been incubated over the course of 20 years and five previous bands ranging from grunge to metalcore to punk rock to hardcore.

The partnership of Seedy Mitchell (guitars/vocals) and Ryan Biggs (drums) is based on a friendship that goes back to before either of them were playing music or even listening to metal. Now that partnership has developed into a dark and dynamic collaborative undertaking that sees Mitchell bringing material to the table in the form of multiple personalities (guitar, bass, vocals) and those elements being worked on together until a song is built.

Coming from different musical backgrounds, Mitchell and Biggs have found their differing styles complement each other and blend to form their brand of deep and intricate metal. Their music conveys emotion through the music but also maintains a technicality that makes it interesting to write and play, and subsequently, listen to.

Sleepwraith wants to tell stories musically and lyrically, focused primarily on creating and releasing new music and art without being concerned about playing it live. All of their energies have been pointed at that goal. With influences coming from all over the metal map including prog, death, mathcore, metalcore, and hardcore, Sleepwraith is an upcoming original band with something for all listeners. The more you listen to it, the more there is to hear.

Their debut album “Day Terrors” is slated for release on January 17, 2020.



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