THE FLAYING’s New Music Video ‘Place du Parvis’ Pays Homage To Hometown of Quebec City

Recently winning “Metal Album of The Year” at the GAMIQ awards (Gala alternatif de la musique indépendante du Québec) for their debut “Angry, Undead” released this past March on PRC Music, brutal death metal contingent THE FLAYING are paying homage to their hometown of Quebec City with the new music video Place du Parvis’.

The band explains: “Place du Parvis is an important hub in Quebec city. It’s an area in our hometown that’s a very lively place that sees all social classes living side by side, for better or for worse. From the spray-painted back alleys to the churches, to the restaurants and household dwellings. We found hitting the street like a metal Beastie Boys posse was the best way to showcase our love for this track and hometown. Special thanks and shout out to Jannick Côté from Headcase Prods for filming and editing, Carl Méthot from HsProds for filming for being outstanding as always. Thanks to all of you for coming to the shows, supporting your bands and scene!”

Watch Place du Parvis’

The sophomore album “Angry, Undead” was released this past march via PRC Music. Working with Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy at The Grid in Montreal, QC, the album is pure mayhem for their fastest and most brutal debauchery to date. The concept of “Angry, Undead” is an intricate one with each of the eight songs falling under a distinct axis: Chaos (social manifestations); Madness (individual manifestations); and Void (existential manifestations). It is brutal, instinctive, unique, and wicked, and is recommended for fans of Cryptopsy, Archspire, Suffocation, and Deicide.

THE FLAYING‘s album “Angry, Undead” is available on BandcampPRC MusicSpotify, and Apple Music.
Music Video – La Valse du Scorpion’ here.
Lyric Video ‘Genuflect’ here.

Show Dates:
January 25 – Sherbrooke, QC – Le Murdoch – Sherbrooke Death Fest w/ Beneath The Massacre, Nervous Impulse, Holy Cost
Feb 15 – Quebec City, QC – L’Anti Bar
May 2 – Ste-Anne-des-Monts, QC – Microbrasserie Le Malbord w/ Brazen

Track Listing:
1. Ouverture Écarlate (0:35)
2. Disloqué (3:15)
3. Place du Parvis (3:53)
4. Genuflect (4:00)
5. Egocentric Predicament (0:44)
6. Elegy of Emptiness (3:41)
7. La Valse du Scorpion (4:18)
8. Angry, Unleashed (3:23)
9. Angry, Undead (5:34)
Album Length: 29:28

Album and Live Line Up:
Didier Samson aka “Did”  – Guitars
Sébastien Marier-Verret aka “Seb” – Bass
William Murray aka “Wil” – Vocals
Michel Bélanger aka “Mike” – Drums

And it all began with the rope dancer….
Formed in July 2010, The Flaying is a death metal band based in Quebec City, Canada that focuses on fluid melodic construction of songs featuring brutal sections which are further complemented by vocals with both low end growls and hateful high pitches.

Since their first release Unhope (2014), Seb, Did, Wil and Mike are forging ahead in order to adopt a more brutal approach: adding new grooves, a greater velocity, and creating a wider ambiance as well as keeping breakdowns and progressive parts with counterpoints constructing a main theme of anger and a general hate of humanity.

Soldiering on with the philosophy of one band, four individuals, four personalities to collide, the writing process is a team effort initially seeing the band collaborate on riffs and groove ideas, adding a flourish of low-end colors, and blending the whole thing together with flying vocals that create a manifest of pure mayhem. This product of this steadfast diablerie will be realized on March 22, 2019, when the second album “Angry, Undead” is unleashed on PRC Music.

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