INGRIMM: “Auf Gedeih und Verderb” – Hardy Entertainment (Release date 10 Jan. 2020)

INGRIMM – a synonym of harsh but honest medieval metal! The audience is neither confronted with bombastic songs of courtly love nor with the tenth version of mystic spells: thundering drums, rolling bass and uncompromisingly hard guitar riffs are the foundation for harmonious melodies played with medieval instruments like bagpipes or hurdy-gurdy. This is how the full-blooded musicians from Regensburg/Germany manage to pump fresh blood through the veins of the genre in their energetic performances.
Due to their unbroken enjoyment of playing and their technically demanding as well as catchy songs there’s always a wonderful mood in every live performance.
The lyrics are sometimes gloomy and serious, sometimes poetic and belong to the middle ages as well as to modern times. Whether you are looking for a happy drinking song, a stamping midtempo steam engine, an aggressive headbanger song or an emotional ballad, the musical range of this well rehearsed and promising formation hardly leaves wishes unfulfilled and blows like a colossal wind through the outmoded halls of the metal scene.

1. Himmel und Hölle  (3:24)
2. Klang von Leder  (3:54)
3. Albtraum  (5:04)
4. König der Idioten  (5:10)
5. Glück in Sicht  (3:42)
6. Sturm und Drang  (3:28)
7. Drachenritt  (4:09)
8. Ich bin ein Mann  (3:19)
9. Schalk im Nacken  (2:39)
10. Mammon  (3:54)
11. Der Schinder  (4:54)
12. Schuldig oder nicht  (4:22)

René Brandt – Vocals
Alex Haas – Guitar
Alex Finzl – Drums
Christian Hadersdorfer – Bagpipes & Hurdy-Gurdy
Stephan Fimmers – Bass
Julia Wink – Violin

2006 – Feuertaufe (Promo CD)
2007 – Ihr sollt brennen (BBE/A!ive)
2008 – Todgeweiht (BBE/A!ive)
2010 – W.A.S.P Tribute (Crimson Covers)
2010 – Böses Blut (BBE/A!ive)
2011 – INGRIMM Live CD&DVD (BBE/A!ive)
2014 – Henkt Ihn! (SMP/Soulfood)
2015 – Ungeständig (SMP/Soulfood)
2020 – Auf Gedeih und Verderb (Hardy Entertainment)


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