Carnifliate: “Disgusting Festivities” – Slovenian death grinders with humor, vulgar and explicit contents and savage music

Formed in 2013, the Velenje based brutes played a string of shows and festivals all over Slovenia and neighboring countries before releasing their 2016’s repulsive debut, Slaughterlust. They kicked off “Slaughterlust Tour” in January 2017 to promote the album in Hungary and Romania.

A year later, in 2018, they joined forces with their drummer and session bassist’s experimental black metal band Snøgg for “March of Death Tour” and played over all of Romania and Croatia. A split EP, featuring the old numbers of both bands, arrived around the same time. Carnifliate played at the Austrian festival “Kaltenbach Open Air” in August 2019 before unveiling their sophomore album, Disgusting Festivities, on October 23rd.

On Disgusting Festivities, Carnifliate abstain themselves from embracing any ear-friendly, gentle sonic outing; violently unhinged and hard-hitting brutal death metal and grindcore are in force. With no holds barred approach, the group trained their sights on making this record as fierce as possible.

Disgusting Festivities is available digitally and on CD.

Lineup & Credits:
Tilen Kirbiš – Vocals
Grega Cestnik – Drums
Žiga Ring – Guitars
Matej Voglar – Session Bass

Artwork by Alexander Eastman, Consume
Produced by Rok Kugonic and Carnifliate
Recorded in RMC Kunigunda, Velenje by Rok Kugonic
Mastered by Albert-Mario Lampel, Lampel Records

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