November releases from Lion Music: Patrick Hemer ( solo album from Horizon’s guitar hero) and Strider (True Metal from Finland)

Our two last releases for this year are:
Strider – Dominion of Steel (True Metal from Finland)
Patrick Hemer – The Writing’s on the Wall (solo album from guitars of Horizon)

A long-respected studio musician, touring hired gun and guitar instructor, Patrick Hemer gained worldwide recognition at the dawn of the 2000’s as the main man and fretboard wizard of the German metal band Horizon with whom he recorded a few cult albums, including the critically acclaimed “The Sky’s The Limit” (Massacre Records – 2002) and the outstanding “Worlds Apart” (Massacre/King – 2004) that received a warm welcome in Japan and earned the right for Horizon to be labelled a “legendary band” by famous magazine Burrn!.

Back to the world of recording studios for a while after the untimely break-up of Horizon, Patrick collaborated in numerous projects in a wide array of genres, started getting involved in production, and also devoted himself more and more to teaching to become an in-demand clinician maintaining strong contacts with the guitar community.
But his deep, unwavering love for Metal music had to take over again, and for almost a decade now, he is fronting a solo project meant to display his best playing and songwriting through a powerful and rich brand of Power Prog that always manages to put the song first.
His new album, “The Writing’s on the Wall” produced by Patrick himself, is another perfect balance of huge 7-string guitar riffs, amazing vocal work and his trademark out of this world soloing, all backed up by clever arrangements and brilliant musicians.
Combining a broad spectrum of influences into a mature and focused personal style, Patrick Hemer has created his own unique path, and he is proving again with “The Writing’s on the Wall” that he is not only a name for shred guitar aficionados but also a complete musician and someone all the world’s Progressive Metal maniacs can count on to keep the flame alive and well…

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musicians on the release:
Patrick Hemer : guitars, lead & background vocals, bass, keyboards
David Casanova : keyboards
Bruno J. Frank : bass
Oli Canton : drums & percussion

Additional background vocals by Eric Farkas & Chris Moreau

production and recording credits:
Produced, engineered and mixed by Patrick Hemer
Mastered by Thomas Eberger
Artwork by Morrigan Arts Media

2.Yesterday’s Burden
3.Slave to Yourself
4.Paradigm of Blandness
5.In the Blood
6.Pandora’s Box
7.Double Bind
8.The Legacy
9.Burning Hunger
10.Course for Disaster
11.Carpe Noctem


Our next release will be from Finland’s next major metal export STRIDER

Please describe the new album musically and lyrically?
It’s a blast to the senses! Musically it’s a bow to all our favourites from 80s metal while lyrically it’s a true metal feast.

If you had to choose one artist (I know this is hard) but if we had
to say “recommended for fans of XXXX” who would that be?
It’s not hard at all, because there can be only one: Manowar.

What was the goal with making this album?
We tried to create an album full of songs that best encapsulate the spirit of Strider – traditional, true heavy metal with memorable melodies and
great riffs.

How long did it take to make this album?
Well, the first tracks were written over ten years ago, because we really took our time finding the right line-up to recreate these compositions in
a live and studio environment, but once we found the right guys it didn’t take a long time at all.

Production and recording credits:
Drums, bass and guitars recorded at Steel Studios by Jukka Mursu, Ville
Kajava and Eemeli Ojanen.
Vocals recorded at Brewery Studios by Harri Koskela.
Mixed at Scandal Recording by Kari ”Huikka” Huikuri
Mastered for MC, LP, CD and digital format by Esa Orjatsalo

Tuska E. – drums
Mardewar – bass
Niko Kristian – vocals and acoustic guitar
Ville – guitar
Eemeli – guitar

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