Edmonton’s SLEEPING IN TRAFFIC Premiere “Exoplanets” Guitar/Bass/Keys Playthrough

Edmonton proggers SLEEPING IN TRAFFIC recently released their double EPs on September 27th. That Which Destroys Us” is dark and aggressive in sound while That Which Saves Us” has a more upbeat and catchy vibe.

Teaming up with GearGods, the band is showcasing their latest guitar/bass/keys/vocals playthrough for their track ‘Exoplanets’ off  That Which Saves Us”.

The band adds: “‘The song is full of interesting riffs and grooves, the guitars and bass are augmented by Cory’s synth playing. Incorporating big chords and complex sequencing, any synthesizer gear head would love this track.”

With influences from Between The Buried & Me, Devin Townsend and Tool, the newest release is a split EP that explores the dual nature of the band’s music. The band explains the duality in their vision: “The first ‘That Which Saves Us’ is the “upbeat EP”. It strongly represents a lot of the pop-punk influences that Ryan and Greg bring to the band, and features songs with inspiring themes and uplifting major keys. The other ‘That Which Destroys Us’ displays more of the band’s extreme metal influences, without abandoning some of the weirdness the band is known for. The EPs continue to explore odd time signatures and polyrhythms in the context of heavily distorted guitars, snarling synths, and guttural vocals.”

The EPs are available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.

Track Listing:
1. Through Method And Rigor (4:43)
2. Fungal Symbiosis (feat. Elle T.) (3:50)
3. Exoplanets (feat. Elle T.) (6:09)
4. False Alternatives (5:13)
5. The Scrupulous Study Of Everything (5:41)
EP Length: 25:38

Track Listing:
1. (√-π)÷0=1 (3:58)
2. Audaciousness Of Him (7:10)
3. Narcicystic Pustule (1:26)
4. Masculine Toxin (4:38)
5. Gaia Shrugged (feat. Elle T.) (6:07)
6. The Inevitable Heat Death Of The Universe (5:32)
EP Length: 28:53

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