PRIPJAT / HELL:ON – A Glimpse Beyond (Split EP) on The Crawling Chaos Records

Only a year after the release of their highly praised album “Chain Reaction” (NoiseArt Records), the restless members of PRIPJAT are releasing new material, manifested in the split EP “A Glimpse Beyond” with the Ukrainian institution HELL:ON.

How it happened…
It should be known by now that both Kirill (Vocals, Guitar) and Eugen (Guitar) are descendants of Ukraine. Considering this, it was just a question of time until a bond with their old homeland would be made – as has happened with HELL:ON. Brought together in an interview about the Ukrainian thrash scene for, a friendship grew over the years, peaking in playing concerts together in Germany and Ukraine. Together both bands not only hailed the Dark Lord, but also their love of interesting and slightly different kinds of metal music. In the end they joined forces to take a glimpse beyond together. They quickly found a home at The Crawling Chaos Records, a label that gave this release a lot of energy and passion.

A glimpse beyond…
“A Glimpse Beyond” is different. People who know PRIPJAT only as an 80-hailing thrash machine will be surprised hearing the new material. The quartet has entered new paths in many ways. Musically speaking this EP contains the most ambitious compositions in the band’s history. The band gets more into complicated playing techniques and doesn’t put the ‘pedal to the metal’ all the time, daring to play a different kind of thrash.

“We left the old school-path already with our last release “Chain Reaction”, to be honest”, states the band. “Our debut was old school without a question, but we never aimed to stay there forever. We are not looking back at the ‘good old times’. Our inspiration surely came from there when we started, but over time, our tastes developed, and our horizons became wider. We really wanted to keep PRIPJAT interesting for ourselves for the next 20 years. And the new songs are keeping those hopes very high. They are just so much fun to play, yet it is a big challenge for all of us. Sure, we still enjoy our high-speed attacks from the previous record, but this EP was the perfect setting to try something new and we think it turned out outstanding.”

The departure can be heard not only in the music, but in the lyrics as well. The Tschernobyl disaster no longer plays a role. The lyrics are wandering in the footsteps of giants like the cyberpunk mastermind William Gibson, and deal with the key issue of what we as a species are developing ourselves into and what is yet to come for us.

As is tradition, the complete material of PRIPJAT was recorded, mixed and mastered by Kirill Gromada. The sound made yet another step towards individuality, but make up your own mind and listen.


1. A Glimpse…  (1:17)
2. Protect and Secure  (4:08)
3. The Sprawl  (4:59)
4. Birth Control  (7:48)
5. …Beyond  (6:28)

6. Spreading Chaos  (6:04)
7. Ashes of the Gods  (5:42)
8. B.S.B.  (4:54)
9. Satan (live)  (7:06)


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