The Sign Records proudly presents “Highway Of Heroes” – the fourth studio album of SCREAMER!

Forged in steel in the dark woods of rural Sweden, SCREAMER flies their banner high! With their feet firmly planted in the deep traditions of Heavy Metal, SCREAMER never lose sight of what’s really important; good tunes, good brew and good times! ‘Cause with SCREAMER every night is Friday night and every Friday night deserves to be a party!
As ruthless Swedish peasants, the band grew up on meat and potatoes on their plates, and that’s what’s blazing out of your speakers when putting on any of the SCREAMER albums. That’s why SCREAMER never strays far from the proven sound of roaring guitars and pounding drums that works equally well in the war pit in front of stage as when blasting through your stereo. In their music you can hear the classic foundations laid down by the hard rocking heroes of old. With a combination of straight-forward choruses of the likes of Dio, guitar works in the style of ‘Maiden or ‘Lizzy on speed and the pounding beat of Judas Priest, SCREAMER has carved out their very own essence of heavy metal that stands the test of time.

SCREAMER’s effort is to play their music for all and everyone who dares hear it. So far those efforts have had them playing on countless stages in North America, Japan and of course all around Europe! To this date SCREAMER been on tour with Bullet (2012 and 2018), Striker (2013), Evil Invaders (2013), Night Demon (2019), Satan (2019), RAM (2019) and many others. They’ve also played festivals such as Headbangers Open Air (2013), Rock Hard (2014), Summer Breeze (2014), Frost and Fire (2018), Muskelrock (2012, 2014, 2017 and 2019) and Bang Your Head (2019). And this is only mentioning a tiny portion of everything and everywhere they’ve played, by now they have well over 300 shows under their belt. And rest assured that whenever and wherever SCREAMER plays, they always deliver an energetic show and a good time!

With their latest album the songwriting has become even more focused and hard hitting. For the first time the band has been able to build on the last release with an intact set of members. This has really allowed them to build on their strengths and grow as a song writing unit. And, also for the first time, they’ve been working with an external producer, Gustav Hjortsjö from Bullet, who has really helped hone every song to be the best that they can be. Whether it’s the brutal “Halo“, the sing along friendly “Out of the Dark” or the anthem-like title track “Highway of Heroes“, all songs truly carry their own weight and together they fulfill the bands goal and war cry for this album; “All hits, no fillers”!
So grab a cold one, crank the stereo to eleven and join Screamer on an epic journey down the “Highway of Heroes”!

“Ride On” & “Highway Of Heroes” – Official Track Streams:

1. Intro  (1:11)
2. Ride On  (3:27)
3. Shadow Hunter  (3:07)
4. Rider Of Death  (3:41)
5. Sacrifice  (4:40)
6. Halo  (4:17)
7. Highway Of Heroes  (3:44)
8. Out Of The Dark  (3:22)
9. Towers Of Babylon  (2:55)
10. Caught In Lies  (5:01)

Andreas Wikström – Vocals
Anton Fingal – Guitar
Dejan Rosić – Guitar
Fredrik Svensson Carlström – Bass
Henrik Petersson – Drums

01.11.19 DE – Hamburg, Bambi Galore
02.11.19 NL – Nijverda, Cult Art Club
03.11.19 DE – Kassel, Goldgrube
05.11.19 DE – Leipzig, Mørtelwerk
06.11.19 DE – Prague, Club007
07.11.19 AT – Wien, Escape
08.11.19 AT – Linz, Kapu
09.11.19 AT – Dornbirn, Schlachthaus
10.11.19 DE – Göppingen, Zille
11.11.19 BE – Bree, Ragnarock
12.11.19 DE – Saarbrücken, Studio 30
13.11.19 DE – TBA
14.11.19 DE – Münster, Rare Guitar
15.11.19 DE – Mannheim, MS Connection
16.11.19 DE – Koblenz, Florinsmarkt
23.11.19 SE – Gislaved, Crash Course Club
29.11.19 SE – Göteborg, The Abyss
30.11.19 SE – Örebro, Watt

Cargo – Germany, Switzerland and Austria
MVD – North America, Japan, New Zeeland and Australia
Plastic Head – UK & Eire
Sound Pollution – Sweden & Denmark
Border – Norway
Supersounds – Finland
Soundworks – France
Mystic – Poland, Czech Rep, Slovakia and Slovenia
Audioglobe – Italy
Musicworld – Hungary
Wizard – Bulgaria
Suburban – Holland & Belgium
Karonte – Spain & Portugal


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