FAITHSEDGE singer calls out Michael Sweet “Forgive your brother ” Tim Gaines

Interview with Faithsedge lead vocalist and band founder Giancarlo Floridia.

Sleaze Roxx writer Tyson Briden talks to Giancarlo about Faithsedge’s new album ‘Bleed For Passion’ which will be released tomorrow.
Giancarlo also “calls out” Michael Sweet by suggesting that the latter should call and forgive Giancarlo’s Faithsedge bandmate Timothy Gaines.

The 1st single “Angelic” from the upcoming album “Bleed for Passion” being released this Friday July 26th 2019 has already received over 100k  Youtube views
and is being released on Scarlet records in the US / Europe and Spiritual Beast in Japan.

The album also features former Dokken guitar player Alex De Rosso and current Mr.Big/ Ace Frehley drummer Matt Starr.