THE BIG JAZZ DUO: The first part of Concept album “Scion – Soothsayer” – OUT NOW

Italian death metal act The Big Jazz Duo is back with the first part of concept EP project “Scion”. The second chapter of the concept will be available during the first part of 2020. “Scion – Soothsayer” has been recorded, mixed and produced at Inverno Studios by Fabrizio Gesuato. The Mastering has been developed by Andrea de Bernardi at Eleven Mastering. All the artworks are made by Loredana Fulgori, who succeeded to wrap the whole composition in darkness and mistery.

Talking about the first EP the band says: “‘Scion – Soothsayer’ is the first EP part of the ‘Scion’ narrative concept, written by The Big Jazz Duo. The whole work depicts the life of a secret coven, known as ‘The Gardeners’ as they try to bring back an ancient God, creator of the world and life in it, to life. The EP tells about the Leader’s emotional distress, who’s losing hope because of all the useless sacrifices due to the divinity’s resurrection, by seeing his hands constantly stained with innocents’ blood. After a terrible apparition, he will aim to flee the coven just to be blamed as an heretic and be considered as a sacrificial offer himself. The EP gathers around the ‘Silent Hill’ franchise in a symbolic and allegorical way, and it’s either inspired by Aztec, Norse and western mythology”.

But before the release of the EP, The Big Jazz Duo has revealed the video for the first single “Of Serpents And Reeds”. A new video is confirmed in Fall. “‘Of Serpents And Reeds’ is the first single part of the ‘Scion’ project, an anthology of facts happening before those depicted in the 5 tracks of the EP ‘Scion – Soothsayer’. An ancient God, an ‘ex machina’ divinity forging life and the world as we know it through a self sacrifice”.

The Big Jazz Duo is a Death Metal band born in November 2013 in Alessandria, Italy. The same year, they published a Deathcore EP “Of Imperishable Heroes” under Fire Was Born records. The work brought them to play at Dissonance Festival 2014 in Milan with Betraying the Martyrs, Skyharbour, Napoleon and great italian bands such as Despite Exile and Forgotten Tears. During May 2015 The Big Jazz Duo released “Enemy” Full lenght album under Fire Was Born Records, which will grant them to take part of Australian Takeover Tour as the only italian band with Thy Art is Murder, Aversions Crown, Feed Her to the Sharks. The Big Jazz Duo will also play at Summer Core Fest 3rd Edition in Florence with Modern Age Slavery, Bleed Someone Dry, Onryo!, Theia and Prologue of a New Generation. In August 2018 they took part of We Are Deathcore Fest in Milan with Carnifex, A Night in Texas and Drown in Sulphur. During the same year, the band played in “Scion – Soothsayer” EP release party in Milan with many great italian bands. After many live shows in northern Italy with bands such as The Silence between Us, Shading, JX Arket, Noise Trail Immersion, The Big Jazz Duo took part of Dissonance Festival 2019 with Whitechapel, Landmarks, Frontierer, A Cold Night for Alligator, Drown in Sulphur, Bleed Someone Dry and Got no Ego. Now the band is working on “Scion – Samael”, a “Soothsayer” Concept following EP.



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