SACRILEGE: “The Court of the Insane” – The upcoming album will be available from August 2nd on Pure Steel Records

Sacrilege are an original UK based vintage heavy rock band covering songs spanning their 6 albums releases. They are currently signed to the Pure Steel Records label based in Germany. Their 7th album, titled “The Court of the Insane” is due for August 2019 release for global distribution.

Founder member Bill Beadle, Lead Vocalist, Guitarist and Songwriter formed Sacrilege in 1982 with best friend Alex Cookson. After advertising in Melody Maker they were joined by Rick Burgess on Drums and Steve Barrs on Bass.
Sacrilege then recorded a 4 track Demo in 1983. They were then billed as best new band of 1983 and appeared on TV on the 6th episode of the David Jensen Rock Shows which also featured U2 and The Stranglers alongside Sacrilege that week. From the TV appearance followed a UK tour which finished at the famous London Marquee.

Sacrilege were then asked to play on John Glover’s Street Tunes label which was to be a compi- lation album featuring other bands such as Saxon, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Black Alice and a few more bands that were billed under the banner of “New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). Unfortunately, this project was cancelled at the last moment when one of John Glover’s other bands, Go West, got a Number One hit single and all monies were put into promoting them, so the album was sadly put on the back burner.

In 1983 Sacrilege recorded the Gates of Hell album, which at the time was classed as a demo album.

Sacrilege had a line up change late in 1984 and were joined by Max Chan (Bass) and Steve On (Drums). During that year they made their second series of Demo recordings.
This era of Sacrilege ended when Bill stopped playing for about 25 years between 1987 and 2012 after getting disillusioned with a number of things and decided to raise a family.

The Resurrection of Sacrilege
In 2007 Bill decided to re-record the early Sacrilege songs, and write and record new material. Guitarist Pekka Loikkenan put the lead guitar solos onto Bill’s new work. The original Gates of Hell album was re-recorded and released following the construction of a new Sacrilege studio.

In 2009 the album Sacrilege was released. Sacrilege were back and sounding great. The Unknown Soldier album was then written and released in 2011 as the third Sacrilege album. In 2011, Bill also wrote the Concept Album, The Wraith, which is a soundtrack album based on the TV series, Star- gate Atlantis. This album featured Neil Abnett on Lead Guitar, who was so impressed with the Sacrilege music that he persuaded Bill to play Live Shows again.

Sacrilege made their return to the stage on the 25th October 2012 with new band members and keeping their theatrical stage show that they were known for in the 80’s. In 2013, they followed up their live show resurrection by releasing their 5th album, Sacrosanct.

Bill soon met Neil Turnbull who joined on drums (ex NWOBHM band Dervish in the 80s) and struck up a great friendship, sharing the same vision to take Sacrilege forward. Now joined by Jeff Rolland on Bass and Paul Macnamara (ex Salem) on Lead Guitar, Sacrilege are back for good.

In 2015 the German Label, Pure Steel Records, signed Sacrilege for a two album deal which comprised of a compilation of their first 5 albums called Ashes to Ashes, plus a brand new album release called six6six. The two albums have received much worldwide critical acclaim. This has enabled Sacrilege to play to the large audiences they enjoyed in the 80’s. They have now expanded horizons playing shows across Europe and are continuing planning many more dates in various European countries. In such a short space of time since the band’s comeback they have signed a record deal and accumulated thousands of new fans worldwide. Sacrilege have now compiled 50,000 plays on their ReverbNation website.

2018 saw the band playing many live shows and festivals, whilst also writing and recording their 7th album titled, The Court of the Insane. With the new album now scheduled for release in August 2019, and the band’s first live album nearing completion, Sacrilege have risen from their own ashes to become a true force !


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