GOREVENT: Japan’s kings of brutal slam death sign to the legendary COMATOSE MUSIC

We are pleased to announce that our partners at Comatose Music have added the undisputed kings of Japanese brutal, slamming death metal to their ever more powerful ranks. Please join us in welcoming Gorevent to the Comatose army!

Gorevent have been exploring the realms of the extreme for fifteen years now and have released albums that stand as blood splattered monoliths in the shadowy underworld of brutal death metal. Their debut full length album, released in 2008, Abnormal Exaggeration, has been hailed by Teeth Of The Divine as one of the greatest examples of brutality even recorded, noting in their review…

“… you cannot do death metal any better then the complete slamming, guttural putridity found on Abnormal Exaggeration…”

Gorevent’s career to date has taken in demos, EPs, split releases with the likes of Embryonic Depravity, Stillbirth, Crepitation and Splattered and no less than four full length albums, culminating in last year’s flesh rending In The Face Of…, – which That’s How Kids Die called ‘one of their finest releases to date’, revelling in the ‘ bone-crushing heaviness’ and ‘superior slam-craft’.

But for all that has gone before, this is where the Gorevent story really starts. With the Comatose Music machine at their backs, Gorevent’s rise through the worldwide ranks of the depraved and deranged is surely assured. Be prepared for spine shattering slams, stomach churning brutality and death metal simply too heavy to resist…Gorevent are coming for you all with an early 2020 release!

Gorevent are:-
Gokucho – Vocals
Takushi – Guitars
Suguru – Guitars
Takashi – Bass
Mick – Drums

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