YAWNING VOID: “Streams Within” CD – Finnish black/death/doom metal combo by the Solothus and Sepulchral Curse members

Rose from an archaic catacomb in Turku in 2016, Yawning Void is comprised of members from Solothus and Sepulchral Curse. The Finnish ensemble predominantly harnesses eruptive doom/death dementia surrounded by a wall of murky, mystifying black metal bricks.

Debut album, Streams Within, contains five sprawling numbers, each sinking into the earth’s mantle with mid-paced drumming, straightforward basslines, arcane riffs, subtle sorrowful melodies and deep howls. Adding synth oriented eerie atmospheric layers, this opus further invokes an unearthly solemn and majestic mood.

Streams Within originally arrived in the earlier of the year on a limited run of cassettes. It is currently available via Weird Truth Productions on CD.

Order CD: http://weirdtruth.jp/webstore/index.cgi?id=20190904160129

For More Info:

Zoheb M.
Qabar PR


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