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Fornace, Ghost Tower and Buckshot Facelift – three massive releases from Paragon Records

Fornace play cold, raw black metal, filled with powerful emotion and sinister atmosphere, but without the fripperies and trappings that plague so much of the genre. With Fornace you get no painted faces and replica weapons, no polished spikes and burning crosses, just incredibly powerful black metal with the ability to chill your heart and steal your soul through impassioned riffs and desperate vocal exhortations alone. With Deep Melancholic Wrath Fornace have created an album of black metal deeper than midnight and colder than frost in the chambers of your heart, songs that summon up the grief that hides in your nightmares, against which your sanity is helpless. Image is nothing, music is everything and the pain in each tortured note is real.

“Just like a good horror movie, the feeling that you are not alone, this album has the same effect.” – ZWARE METALEN

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Next we invite you to sample the classic metal delights of Ghost Tower

Formed in Bellevue, Nebraska in 2007 Ghost Tower were inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate and Fates Warning – but not inspired to imitate. Combining the creative guitar work of Matt Preston, the thunderous, inventive drumming of Mike Biggs and the haunting, hypnotic vocals of Ameven, Ghost Tower began to craft original, exciting music, full of atmosphere and character. In 2012 they independently released their magnum opus, Head Of Night. Head Of Night is an album that stands alone in a dream kingdom all of its own, a world of spirits and mystery, shrouded in shadows. Each song is painted in eldritch hues as the three special talents of Ghost Tower entwine, bringing to life their arcane metal creations. In 2018 Paragon Records heard the songs of Ghost Tower, still singing from beyond the grave. With the band’s blessing they added two superb tracks from Curse Of The Black Blood and one from the Ghost Tower demo, to create the ultimate edition of the Head Of Night album. Thanks to Paragon Records Head Of Night now lives again.

“… fist pumping head banging riffs thundering rhythms and powerful vocals …” – THE RIPPLE EFFECT

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And finally, it’s time to take a trip to Ulcer Island, with Buckshot Facelift

Buckshot Facelift’s brutal concept album, Ulcer Island was originally released in early 2017, with some beautifully bleak artwork courtesy of Travis Smith(Nevermore, Opeth, Overkill etc). It left the minds of those that heard it in tatters, but Paragon Records have decided that the body count was too low and they’re offering a return trip to the island this winter. This is a raging grindcore soundtrack that swallows up and vomits out elements of death metal, power-violence and hardcore and then plants moments of unexpected beauty in the steaming black filth, like improbable, delicate flowers in a scorched earth landscape. Featuring a guest vocal performance from King Fowley of the legendary Deceased, this album has been a secret for far too long. This is grindcore at its most conceptually brutal and musically creative, a tour de force of shocking savagery. So climb aboard, the boat for Ulcer Island is leaving soon and there’s room for just one more…

“… busy, mulched up mix of metal, grind, hardcore and powerviolence…” – COLLECTIVE ZINE

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