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American Standards Release Dark, Depressive and Intensely Emotive New Song: “WEEP”

Phoenix, Arizona’s American Standards are no strangers to tragedy. During the release cycle for their fourth album “ANTI-MELODY” the chaotic hardcore band lost their founding guitarist to suicide and their vocalist’s father to cancer. The experiences caused the group to refocus their sharp witted social commentary and explore a new direction by including much more personal content. Now almost a year later, American Standards is back with a new single and music video for the song “WEEP”. The song appeals to fans of early 2000’s metalcore, employing a dynamic blend of dissonant riffs and noise laden breakdowns akin to The Chariot, Every Time I Die, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge.

Watch American Standards new video for “WEEP” which was premiered on DECIBEL MAGAZINE:

After we released ANTI-MELODY we were getting some of the best show offers and press coverage that we’ve ever had as a band. Through it all though there was this constant reminder of everything that we went through the prior year withlosing Cody (guitarist) and my father. Corey was also going through pretty rough breakup in a time where I’m sure it felt like he needed the most support. So it was this dichotomy of putting something out that we were really proud of and wanting to celebrate it but also that same thing serving as a reminder of the darkness that it came from.” 

Said Brandon Kellum (vocalist). He went on to say: WEEP is the first time where Corey and I worked so closely together on the vocals and lyrics. We really wanted to capture that idea of how the heaviness from your past can creep in and hit you even in the best of times and how it can feel like a constant battle to keep those thoughts at bay.

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