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ASHES OF JUPITER: “Greed”, brand new single from Celestial Warfare album

Ashes of Jupiter were formed officially in June 2017 as a 4 piece rock/metal group. Collectively, the men who make up this band have known each other for going on 15 years. Their chemistry as brothers translates seamlessly to the stage and their presence on said stage is most certainly one to be reckoned with. Their raw and passionate energy is visibly contagious and has audiences captivated at every show. Comprised of the simple yet effective formula of drums, bass, guitar, and vocals, the band’s success has been soaring with the catchy southern rock inspired tune and current hit single, “Greed” and the ever-driving rhythm of fan favorite “Youtopia”.
With the tone of Tim Scarberry’s signature guitar sound driving the melody, very often making one turn their neck to the progressions, this band’s prowess is one rarely or recently seen to this degree. Despite being a four-piece group, Robson Guy commands his instrument as if it were simultaneously a rhythm guitar and a bass, lending itself to the band’s signature sound. Add to that the drums and their owner and operator, Jared Houston who seamlessly combines precise syncopation with funky and laid back grooves, Jared’s expertly delivered sonic input in every song is not only powerful, but also something you can’t stop tapping out hours after you’ve listened to the last note of a song. Lastly, inspired by vocalists such as Myles Kennedy, Lajon Witherspoon, and Maynard James Keenan, vocalist Adam Liston conducts his voice as well as the crowd as he delivers well-received vocal complements to Tim’s melodic guitar virtuosity. Lauded as writing and composing some of the “catchiest vocal hooks”, Adam prides himself in delivering soaring and ear-worm-worthy melodies. This collective sound and presence all culminates into an amalgam of sounds in which fans of many different genres can all unite, including fans of metal, southern rock, jazz, screamo, djent, and even blues.

The band have created a sound so unique, it’s as if TOOL, 311, and Primus had a lovechild with Creedance Clearwater Revival, Sevendust, and Alter Bridge. Ashes of Jupiter are able to seamlessly transition between dulcet melodies and brutal rhythms in their songs and the fan response is consistently palpable. It’s for this reason and all of the above reasons that Ashes of Jupiter will continue their rise and, like a fine whiskey, will only get better as time progresses.

In less than a year and with no label or agency backing, Ashes of Jupiter have secured shows in support of national acts TRAPT, Arch Enemy, Trivium, Pop Evil, Code Red Riot, and Gemini Syndrome. The band also earned a TV spot on state syndicated morning show, Good Day New Mexico, showcasing their skill and comical personalities. Finally, Ashes of Jupiter were included in Albuquerque’s “Best of ‘Burque Music”; a city-wide contest for just musicians, in which the band were nominated in 10 categories, including Best Metal Band, Best Rock Band, Best Band of 2017, and Band Most Deserving of a Record Deal, to name the most noteworthy noms. The name of the game for the boys is love of music, love of fans, and caring for each other, and indeed, it shines through in every performance and every interaction. Their hard work clearly shows in their diligence for promoting and working.
Ashes of Jupiter’s first EP release, “Celestial Warfare” is out now on all digital platforms.

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