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Second single from Sara Vanderheyden: “Dementia” – Out now via Epictronic  / The Orchard

Sara Vanderheyden is a belgian singer active with various projects. During 2017 she signed a contract with Epictronic for the production of her debut solo album. Subsequently finnish songwriter and producer Ville Oravala decided to join the project and support Sara with his unique songwriting and production skills. During the last months of the year Sara recorded some songs at Titans Lab Studio in Italy with the help of Ville Oravala and Riccardo Daga.
This second single is the result of this cooperation.

Video Direction: Tom Swinnen
Artwork and Photography: Tom Swinnen
Written and produced by Ville Oravala at Titans Lab Recording Studio.
Additional production: Riccardo Daga
Publishing: Carlo Bellotti Publishing / Warner Chappell Holland B.V.

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