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Breaking News from FRONTIERS ROCK FESTIVAL V: Kip Winger live – April 27th – VIP ACOUSTIC NIGHT and Coreleoni live Day 2 of the Festival

We are incredibly pleased to announce that none other than the great Kip Winger will be joining the exclusive VIP kickoff party, which will be held on April 27th before the start of the proper festival the following day. Kip will celebrate the recent release of his Solo Box Set Collection, which collected all his solo albums into one special limited edition box set.

Kip will be playing a selection of Winger and solo hits accompanied by only his 12-string guitar. Kip says: “It’s an honor to be invited back to the Frontiers Rock Festival, the record company that’s in it for all the right reasons. See you there!”

Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that CoreLeoni, the band put together by Gotthard’s Leo Leoni as a personal tribute to his rock & roll past along with the awesome singer Ronnie Romero Official Site (Rainbow, Lords Of Black), will be playing Day 2 (Sunday, April 29th) of the Festival, replacing Jack Russell’s Great White, as direct support to JORN.

CORELEONI released their debut-album called “The Greatest Hits part 1” in February 2018, and they’ll be playing an incredible set of classic GOTTHARD songs, plus their new song, “Walk On Water”.

Leo Leoni: guitar
Ronnie Romero (Lords Of Black, Rainbow): vocals
Hena Habegger: drums
Jgor Gianola: guitar
Mila Merker: bass

A handful of Frontiers Rock Festival VIP tickets are still available for purchase. Click on https://bit.ly/1PM0rsv for all info and to order one.

Buy your regular festival ticket here: http://bit.ly/2AqXSbO


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